Vote 2006

Tuesday, November 2

Local Polling Places and Times

Paynesville School District

Six candidates are running for four (4) spots on the Paynesville Area School Board. Four candidates -- including incumbents Mark Dingmann, Deb Glenz, and David Johnson -- filed for election in August, along with former building and grounds supervisor Lew Storkamp. (Dingmann informed the Press on Monday, Oct. 4, that while his name will still be on the ballot he is no longer running for re-election.) Three write-in candidates have also launched campaigns for four-year seats on the board: Ashlee Anderson, Nathan Bork, and Terry Johnson.

Ashlee Anderson   |   Nate Bork    |   Mark Dingmann   |   Deb Glenz

David Johnson   |   Terry Johnson   |   Lew Storkamp

Paynesville City Council

There are five candidates for two (2) four-year terms on the Paynesville City Council on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Incumbents Gene Beavers and Jean Soine are being challenged by Neil Herzberg, Pat Hesse, and Elliot LaBeau.

Gene Beavers   |   Neil Herzberg    |   Pat Hesse

Elliot LaBeau   |   Jean Soine

Paynesville City Mayor

Mayor Jeff Thompson is running uopposed, for antoher two-year term.

Jeff Thompson

Area Cities

There are NO contested elections in area cities this November. Up for election are two four-year terms on the council and a two-year term as mayor (except in Lake Henry, where the mayor serves four years and is not up for re-election).

LAKE HENRY: Council: Dan Liebl and Joe Pelzer, unopposed

REGAL: Mayor: Jack Kotten, unopposed   |   Council: Sue Bruachler and Janet Fleck, unopposed

ROSCOE: Mayor: Don Heinen   |   Council: Gene Gushman and Sylvester Ludwig, unopposed.

ST. MARTIN: Mayor: James Rothstein, unopposed   |   Council: Jamie Pelzer and Carol Thelen, unopposed.

Paynesville Area Hospital Board

All candidates from eight different entities are unopposed. Not all candidates answered the Press questionnaire.

CITY OF EDEN VALLEY: Christy Swafford   |   CITY OF LAKE HENRY: Sarah Olmscheid


CITY OF ROSCOE: Rich Philabaum   |   ROSEVILLE TOWNSHIP: Joe Musel

UNION GROVE TOWNSHIP: Marlys Houk   |   ZION TOWNSHIP: Donald Thomes

Paynesville Township

For the second time, Paynesville Township will hold their elections in the fall, with winners serving four-year terms. Incumbent supervisors, Don Pietsch and Harry Thielen, are running unopposed for two seats. Laura Lindeman is running unopposed for treasurer.

SUPERVISOR: Don Pietsch   |    Harry Thielen

TREASURER: Laura Lindeman

County Elections

ATTORNEY: Janelle Kendall, unopposed   |   AUDITOR/TREASURER: Randy Schreifels, unopposed

DISTRICT 3 COMMISSIONER:  Jeff Mergen vs. Vince Schaefer

DISTRICT 5 COMMISSIONER:  Don Otte, unopposed

RECORDER: Diane Grundhoefer, unopposed   |   SHERIFF: John Sanner, unopposed

ATTORNEY:  Boyd Beccue vs. Jenna Fischer

AUDITOR/TREASURER: Sam Modderman, unopposed   |    RECORDER: Julie Kalkbrenner, unopposed

SHERIFF: Dan Hartog, unopposed   |   SOIL & WATER SUPERVISOR DISTRICT 2: Terry Schaefer, unopposed

ATTORNEY: Stephanie Beckman, unopposed   |   AUDITOR: Barbara Loch, unopposed

RECORDER: Elaine Lenhard, unopposed   |   TREASURER: Sharon Euerle, unopposed

SHERIFF: Ben Aho vs. Jeff Norlin

Minnesota Legislators

DISTRICT 13: Sen. Joe Gimse (R-Willmar) vs. Larry Rice (DFL-Willmar)

DISTRICT 13A: Rep. Paul Anderson (R-Starbuck), unopposed

DISTRICT 14: Sen. Michelle Fischbach (R-Paynesville) vs. Mike Sharp (DFL-Clearwater)

DISTRICT 14B: Rep. Larry Hosch (DFL-St. Joseph) vs. Tom Ellenbecker (R-St. Joseph)

DISTRICT 18: Hal Kimball (DFL-Cokato) vs. Scott Newman (R-Hutchinson) vs. Richard Hoff (I-Cosmos),

DISTRICT 18B: Rep. Dean Urdahl (R-Grove City) vs. Darrin Anderson (DFL-Litchfield)

U.S. Congressional

Congressional Districts

Minnesota Statewide Races

Governor   |   Congressional Districts    |   Secretary of State

Attorney General   |   Judicial |   State Auditor

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