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Paynesville Press - Oct. 27, 2010

Stearns County District 3
Vince Schaefer

Vince Schaefer, 73, of Rockville has represented District 3 -including Eden Lake Township, Munson Township, Eden Valley, and Richmond - on the county commissioners since 2003. Formerly, he served as the mayor of Rockville.

Why are you running for county commissioner? I have always enjoyed my many years of serving the public and want to continue this service as well as working on solving complex land issues in the transitional District 3.

What accomplishments would you cite for your re-election as commissioner? I have been a part of initiating zero-based budgeting with the Environmental Services Department as a pilot project for the 2011 budget and worked hard to make all departments more customer friendly. Reduced the 2009-10 budget by $20.5 million (over 14 percent) and the payroll by eliminating 20 employee positions through attrition. Created committees to get citizens involved in the governing process.

How are you better qualified for this position than your opponent? I have past experience/involvement working with township, city, county, state, and federal government officials, as well as being the founder/owner of a successful small business. I have always considered myself a big picture person and have approached problems with the perspective of looking at not just the present, but future issues.

What is your vision for Stearns County? I want to see the downsizing of county government. To continue the preservation of our natural resources. To simplify rules/regulations to make the county departments more customer friendly.

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