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Paynesville Press - Oct. 27, 2010

Meeker County Sheriff
Jeff Norlin

Jeff Norlin, 49, of Litchfield has worked for the Meeker County Sheriff's Office since 1985 and was appointed sheriff in 2009. He served as the chief deputy sheriff from 1992-2009.

Why are you running for sheriff? I have the training and law enforcement experience that prepare me for the office, and I want to continue as your Meeker County sheriff. I want to continue to improve the strategic management and deployment of all our resources in a cost-effective manner and provide professional quality law enforcement and public safety services to all citizens of Meeker County.

What accomplishments would you cite for your re-election as sheriff? Saving costs by obtaining over $1 million in grant funding for public safety projects. Internationally recognized for innovative training and research to make our public safer. Over the last year and a half, we have started several positive programs that affect our citizens including youth, and vulnerable citizens: Project Lifesaver to help families and those inflicted with alzheimer's and autistic conditions; snowmobile and ATV training and certification; firearms training and certification for youth; electronic crime-alert program to notify citizens of incidents and warnings happening in their area. We have established a medical directorship to enhance the training of our deputies and dispatchers in order to provide better emergency medical services to our citizens.

How are you better qualified for this position than your opponent? Law enforcement training; my experience (25 years with the Meeker County Sheriff's Office and over 27 years in law enforcement); and over 18 years in budgeting and management experience in the sheriff's office.

What is your vision for Meeker County? We must strive to provide top quality services in a timely manner including times of crises or emergencies by utilizing outside resources and our personnel to provide effective leadership training and deployment of personnel to serve Meeker County in a cost-effective manner. We strive to have compassion and understanding in times of crisis and in routine law enforcement responsibilities. We must continue these efforts through preparedness, training, and effective deployment of Meeker County law enforcement personnel to serve Meeker County in a cost-effective manner. Effective law enforcement is a team approach working with all our personnel in the Meeker County Sheriff's Office and in cooperation with our communities, residents, and visitors.

I would like to continue on as your sheriff, and I ask for your support on election day: Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010.

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