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Paynesville Press - Oct. 27, 2010

Minnesota House District 14B
Tom Ellenbecker

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Tom Ellenbecker (R-St. Joseph), 52, a St. John's University grad, is self-employed.

Why are you interested in serving in the Legislature? To provide a positive business environment in the state leading to job creation and a continued high quality of life for Minnesotans.

What, if any, state revenue increases could you support? Allowing electronic pulltab, Bingo, and other machines in local establishments (not a Racino) to keep customers in town, provide income to non-profits, and increased revenues. I would target the increased revenues to pay for the corporate tax rate reductions.

Describe an out-of-the-box solution to help the budget. Zero-based budgeting and looking at the cost-benefit analysis of all programs.

If you were king (or queen), how would you balance the state budget? We cannot continue double-digit budget increases. We need to fix the budget now and increase it as revenues increase. By the way, next biennium there will be a $2 billion increase in revenues to divide amongst the budget categories.

With the Vikings lease expiring after 2011, what state role do you support in building a new Vikings stadium? Infrastructure improvements, targeting state income and sales taxes generated by the team towards the stadium, and the rest is provided by the team and the county it is placed in.

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