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For the week of May 18, 2005

Girls' track team advances to state again...
track team
The PAHS girls' track team won the Section 5A true-team meet
last week at ACGC High School and has qualified to compete
at the state true-team meet on Saturday, May 21, in Blaine.
This is the second year in a row the team has advanced to state
and the third time in school history.

Pictured with their first-place trophy are: (front) Kacie Wander,
Rachael Wendlandt, Kendra Johnson,Tara Schmidt, Kacy Nehowig,
and Tanis Beireis; (middle) Tina Liestman, Natalie Leadem,
Leah Felling, Kally Felling, Andrea McCorquodale, and Kaitlyn Frenchick;
(back) Kirsten Miller, Randi Schaefer, Anna Kotten,
Melanie Koerner, Bri Jaeger, Erin Guzy, and head coach Dave Randgaard.

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