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Lake Koronis Recreational Trail
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Detailed map of Lake Koronis Recreational Trail

The trail is a safe, non-motorized bicycle/pedestrian trail that connects the city of Paynesville with Lake Koronis and will eventually make a scenic loop around Lake Koronis.

Phase One (2002) is open along Old Lake Road.

Phase Two (2003) runs along Breezewood, Crestridge and NW Koronis roads on the northwest side of Lake Koronis.

Phase Three (2006) connects Paynesville with the trail on Old Lake Road.

Phases Four and Five (2008) connect Paynesville with the Glacial Lakes State Trail and runs along the west and south sides of Lake Koronis.

Phase Six (2010), from Sarkling Shore to Hwy. 55 bridge was opened in 2010.

Phase Seven (2010) connected the Hwy. 55 bridge to Old Lake Road.

Phase Eight - the final leg - (2012) is now being completed. It joins the Koronis Ministries area on County Road 181 to Phases Two and Three.

The trail will now be complete around Lake Koronis.

Come and enjoy!!!