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Paynesville High School Homecoming Coronation 2013

Town and Country Days 2013:
Kiddie Parade and Grand Parade
Pedal Tractor Pull
Serenity Path 5K/Insight Picnic/Waterball Fight
Pet Show
Little Miss and Mister Dairy Queen Pageant

Paynesville High School Prom 2013

4th & 5th Grade Spring Concert 2013

First Grade/Multiage Concert Feb. 2013

Middle School Choral Concert Feb. 2013

Paynesville WinterFest 2.16.13

PAHS Sweetfest 2.14.13

Holiday Choir Concert 12.17.12

Veterans Day 2012

PAHS Play, "The Mousetrap" 11.8.12

PAHS Choir Soup, Sandwich, and Song 10.26.12

PAHS Homecoming Coronation 10.01.12

Fall Mini Theater 9.21.12

"Annie Warbucks" Musical

Roscoe Fun Day 2012

Paynesville Relay for Life 6.22.12

St. Martin Parish Festival 2012

Winter's Wild West Show 2012

Lake Henry Hay Raze 2012

Town and Country Days 2012:
Grand Parade 6.13.12
Carnival 6.12-13.12
Pedal Tractor Pull 6.12.12
Little Miss and Mister Dairy Queen Pageant/Insight Picnic/5K 6.09.12
Pet Show 6.12.12
Queen Pageant 6.14.12

PAHS Graduation 6.3.12

Community Education Mini Theater 6.2.12

PAHS/PAMS Band Concert 5.17.12

PAMS Spring Choir Concert

PAHS Choir Concert 5.14.12

Middle School Play 5.8.12

PAHS Prom 5.5.12

Community Choral Concert 4.29.12

Community Talent Showcase 2012

One-Act Play 1.27.12

Second Grade Veterans Program 11.10.11

"Happy Days" Musical 11.5-6.11

Fall Mini Theater Plays 9.23.11

"The Fantasticks"

Town and Country Days 2011:
Grand Parade 6.17.11
Carnival 6.14-15.11
Little Miss and Mister Dairy Queen Pageant/Insight Picnic 6.11.11
Pet Show/Kiddie Parade 6.14.11
Queen Pageant 6.17.11

PAHS Graduation 5.5.2011

PAMS Spring Choir Concert 5.24.11

2011 PAHS Prom

2011 Community Talent Showcase

Middle School Play, "Hotel Frankenstein"

First Grade and Multiage Music Program 2.17.11

One Act Play Sections 2.6.11

Community Education's Mini Theater 2.11.11

High School Holiday Choir Concert

Third Grade Holiday Program

Middle School Holiday Choir Concert

Jon Vezner Concert 11.28.10

Veteran's Day Program 11.11.10

"The Matchmaker"

"Soup, Sandwich, and Song" 10.29.10

Homecoming Coronation 10.11.10

Mini Theater Plays 9.24-9.25.10

Fly-In Breakfast and Air Shows

"The Music Man"

Roscoe Fun Day 07.31.10

Fourth of July Boat Parades

Town and Country Days 2010:
Grand Parade 6.16.10
Carnival 6.15-16.10
Little Miss and Mister Dairy Queen Pageant 6.12.10
Pet Show/Kiddie Parade 6.15.10
Queen Pageant 6.18.10
Peeper's Picnic 6.12.10
Games Night/Pedal Tractor Pull 6.15.10

2010 Relay for Life

PAHS Graduation 2010

Mini Theater 06.04.10

Memorial Day Service 05.31.10

Special Olympics at Paynesville 05.15.10

PAHS Spring Choir Concert 05.10.10

PAHS Prom 05.08

PAHS Play "And Then There Were None!" 04.22.10

Sweet Adelines "Gotta Keep Singin'" 04.25.10

Community Talent Show 04.11.2010

Lollipops Concert

PAHS Spring Choir Concert 03.22.2010

Mini Theater's "Little Red Hen" and "Cinderella" 02.19.10

PAHS Sweetfest 02.12.10

First Grade/Multiage Program "ARF!" 02.11.10

PAHS One Act Play 1.30.10

Salem Christmas 12.17.09

PAES Third Grade Holiday Concert 12.17.09

PAHS Holiday Choral Concert 12.14.09

PAMS Drama Cast Plays 12.07-08.09

PAMS Holiday Choral Concert 12.10.09

Breakfast with Santa 12.05.09

Veteran's Day 11.11.09

"Back to the 80s" 11.07-11.08.09

Dan Adler Concert 10.24.09

"Candyland" 9.25.09

Homecoming Coronation/PAES Pep Fest 9.28-10.02.09

Festival of Ethnic Traditions 8.02.09

Lake Koronis Boat Parade 7.04.09

Rice Lake Boat Parade 7.04.09

Lake Henry Hay Raze 6.27.09

St. Martin Parish Festival 6.27.09

Town and Country Days 2009:
Grand Parade 6.17.09
Carnival 6.16-17.09
Little Miss and Mister Dairy Queen Pageant 6.13.09
Pet Show/Kiddie Parade 6.16.09
Queen Pageant 6.19.09
Peeper's Picnic 6.13.09

Winter's Wild West Event 6.20.09

"Aladdin" 6.12-13.09

2009 PAHS Graduation 5.31.09

Memorial Day Ceremony at PAHS 5.25.09

PAHS Spring Choir Concert 5.04.09

PAHS Prom 4.02.09

Fourth and Fifth Grade Concert 4.23.09

Community Talent Showcase 4.19.09

PAMS Plays 4.16.09 and 4.17.09

Lollipop Concert 3.27.09

Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" 3.21.09

"Fairy Tales go to Court" and "Harold Hardluck's Lucky Strike" 3.20.09

PAHS Choir Concert 3.13.09

PAMS and PAHS Band Concert 3.15.09

Robert Robinson Gospel Choir 2.21.09

PAMS 7th and 8th Grade Choir Concert 2.20.09

PAHS Sweetfest 2.9-13.09

PAES First Grade/Multi-age F.I.T. Program 2.5.09

"The Ugly Duckling" 1.30.09

2008 Photo Pages

PAHS Holiday Choir Concert 12.15.08

PAMS Holiday Choir Concert 12.11.08

PAMS/PAHS Holiday Band Concert 12.8.08

PAHS Comedy - "Don't Drink the Water" 11.21-22.08

Veteran's Day Program 11.11.08

Second Grade Program 11.10.08

Soup, Sandwich & Song 10.31.08

"Our Town" 10.10 & 12.08

"12 Dancing Princesses" 9.26-27.08

Paynesville Airport's 5th Annual Fly-in and Air Show 8.17.08

Roscoe Fun Day 8.9.08

Festival of Ethnic Traditions 8.3.08

"Wizard of Oz" 7.23-25, 27.08

Fourth of July Activities 2008

Grace Church's 150th Birthday Bash 6.22.08

St. Martin's 150th Festival 6.21-22.08

Town and Country Days 2008:
Grand Parade 6.18.08
Carnival 6.17-18.08
Games Night/Free Ice Cream 6.17.08
Kiddie Tractor Pull 6.17.08
Pet Show/Kiddie Parade 6.17.08
Queen Pageant 6.16.08
Peeper's Picnic/Little Mr. and Miss Dairy Queen Contest 6.14.08

Little Miss Sesquicentennial 6.8.08

PAHS Graduation 6.1.08

Memorial Day 5.26.08

PAMS Choir Concert 5.22.08

PAHS Band Concert 5.14.08

Pops Concert 5.4.08

PAHS Prom 5.3.08

Grades 4-5 Concert 4.24.08

Community Talent Show 4.13.08

Box City 3.28-29.08

Popcorn & Pops Concert 3.28.08

PAHS Choir Concert 3.27.08

Mini Theater - "Hearts and Tarts" & "Princess" 3.14-15.08

"S'Cool" Middle School Musical 2.22.08

One Act Play - "Cleft With Me" 1.26.08

Picture Pages 2007:
Breakfast with Santa 12.1.07

Middle School Play, "Curse of the Werewolf" 11.16-17.07

"High School Musical" 11.2-3.07

PAHS Homecoming 10.8-12.07

Fiddler on the Roof 8.7-10.07

Lake Koronis Boat Parade 7.4.07

Relay for Life 6.22.07

Town and Country Days 2007:
Grand Parade
Pet Show
Queen Pageant
Little Mr. and Miss Dairy Queen Contest

PAHS Graduation 6.06.07

Memorial Day 5.30.07

Middle School Choir Concert 5.24.07

Kindergarten Program 5.9.07

PAHS Pops Concert 5.7.07

PAHS Prom 5.5.07

4th & 5th Grade Concert 4.26.07

Community Talent Showcase 3.28.07

Princess Ball 3.28.07

Pops and Popcorn Concert 3.28.07

PAMS Sixth Grade Concert 3.28.07

Community Theater 3.21.07

PAHS Play, "Arsenic and Old Lace" 3.14.07

PAMS Godspell Jr. 2.28.07

PAHS Sweetfest Coronation 2.12.07

PAES First Grade Concert 2.09.07

PAHS One-Act Play 1.16.07

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