Turn of the Century Series

Logo (Editor's note: During 2000, The Paynesville Press presented a series of articles that examine the early yearsof the century. Our purpose was to provide a comparison of the beginning of the 20th Century to its upcoming end. With the article about Christmas, this series is concluded. Enjoy the 21st Century!

The author, Connie Williams, is doing graduate work in history at St. Cloud State University and has worked at the Paynesville Area Museum for several summers.)

#1 - The Age of Confidence diminished during the 20th Century

#2 - Hartmann Ice Company provided ice to businesses, homes, and resorts

#3 - Traditions change, but love never dies

#4A - Rural life was very hard before electricity

#4B - Rural electrification brought rural America out of the darkness

#5 - From brawn to horses to tractors, farm work has changed during the century

#6 - School experiences have changed, but graduation is still a thrill

#7 - Weddings have changed, but many traditions remain the same

#8 - Even the first settlers celebrated the Fourth of July

#9 - Three Paynesvilles existed at one time

#10 - Country schools dotted the rural landscape

#11 - Christmas memories are fondly remembered

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