West Central Conference Sportsmanship Policy

All West Central Conference games and matches are played according to the rules of the Minnesota State High School League. These rules promote fair competition and provide for good sportsmanship by recognizing the rules of fair play. The members of the West Central Conference request that each person in attendance takes a personal responsibility for observing the highest standards of sportsmanship.

The following guidelines will be used to help promote a positive atmosphere and good sportsmanship:

Pregame courtesy: Meet and greet the opponent when they arrive; make the opponent aware of the facilities and services that are available; meet and greet the contest officials.

Coaches: Teach the rules of the contest; follow the rules of the contest; accept the decision of the officials; and be a promoter of good sportsmanship by being a positive example.

Student athletes: Show respect for the opposing players and officials; accept the decisions of the officials; avoid any unsportsmanlike acts; and be a positive representative of your school and conference.

Cheerleaders: Show respect for the opposing team; show respect for the opposing cheerleaders; use appropriate cheers; and encourage the spectators to cheer in a positive way.

Spectators: Remain in your seat during the event; accept the decision of the officials; show respect for the opposing team and officials; offer positive encouragement to the student athletes; and spectators should be dressed appropriately.

Plan of action: Student athletes will visit the elementary school and talk about sportsmanship; each fall the West Central Conference will conduct a student meeting to help promote the idea of good sportsmanship; encourage positive interaction between the student athletes and school; take action to stop any unsportsmanlike acts that may occur.

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