Paynesville receives Mighty Kids grant

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 9/8/98.

The Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission awarded 59 grants, totalling $384,050, as part of the ďMighty KidsĒ youth sport grant program. The grants were awarded to organizations that promote before school, after school, nonschool hours, and recreation youth sport activities.

Paynesville Community Education Department was among the 59 entities receiving a grant. Paynesville will receive $5,000 from the sports com-mission and will need to match $2,500 from the school district.

The sports commission used the following criteria in awarding the grants:
ēIncreasing the number of partici-pating youth.
ēIncreasing the athletic skills of the participating youth.
ēMaking a positive impact on aca-demic achievement and school attendance.
ēMaking a positive impact of the social skills of participants.
ēContributing to a reduction in juvenile crime.
ēEncouraging partnerships within communities.

Steve Brisendine, community educa-tion director, said through the summer recreation program, they serve about 800 youth.

ďThe grant funds will help us expand and strengthen our recreation offerings to the community,Ē he added. We are looking at new things to offer and hope to collaborate more programs with the youth hockey program and to expand the figure skating program,Ē Brisendine said.

Brisendine stressed there are programs available to help train parents to be coaches in various sports. The programs will provide parents a better under-standing of the sport and how to direct and coach teams.

ďAny time youth are involved in sports, their school work will improve,Ē Brisendine said. ďThe youth are busy doing something positive, building their self-esteem. School work and sports go hand in hand,Ē he added.

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