Cross-country teams take 7th at Morris meet

This article submitted by Amanda Lieser and Matt Jorgensen on 9/3/96.

Girls Cross Country
The Paynesville girls cross-country team journeyed to Morris last Tuesday for the opening meet of their 1996 season and came back with a satisfying seventh-place finish.

Comfortable temperatures and little wind made this a perfect night to test one's endurance and attain higher goals.

Varsity girls run a distance of two and a half miles, a change from the former two mile race that was put in effect last year. Junior varsity races are two miles long.

At Morris, however, seventh and eighth graders competed with runners in their own grade. Their races were little over a mile. This only takes place at Morris' first meet.

Normally a team consists of seven runners. Once again Morris fudges with the rulse in the first meet and allows an unlimited amount of runners per team (varsity, junior varsity, etc.). All the girls ran varsity, excluding Melinda Norris and Melody Veldkamp, who ran the seventh and eighth grade races, respectively.

Freshman Erin Aagesen led the Bulldogs with a fifth place finish. Following Aageson was senior co-captain Amanda Lieser in 13th, then sophomore Camille Flanders, who finished in 37th.

Coming in close together were senior co-captain Emily Glenz and freshman Tiffany Rausch in 56th and 60th, respectively. Amber Michaelis paced her way to a 78th place finish. Carin Frenchick followed close behind in 82nd. Cruising their way in after Frenchick were Cindy Lang, Missy Winter and Christina Utsch.

For many of the runners ó Rausch, Michaelis, Frenchick, Lang, Utsch, and Winter ó this was either their first experience running varsity, or their first cross country race of any type

Individual results
5) Erin Aagesen 16:06
13) Amanda Lieser 16:50
37) Camille Flanders 17:58
56) Emily Glenz 19:02
60) Tiffany Rausch 19:08
78) Amber Michaelis 20:09
82) Carin Frenchick 20:20
91) Cindy Lang 20:57
93) Missy Winter 21:24
95) Christina Utsch 21:43

Boys Cross Country
The Paynesville boys cross-country team finished in seventh place out of sixteen last Tuesday at the Morris Invitational.

This was an impressive finish considering that three of the team's top runner did not compete.

Leading the team, in 14th place, was junior Dan Johnson. Johnson ran competitively with many of the area's elite runners.

Senior Matt Jorgensen was the second runner across the finish line, in 33rd place. Jorgensen ran a strategic race, holding back at first, then passing several runners on the second half of the 3.1 mile course.

Senior Doug Utsch and junior Colby Scheierl also ran strong races, finishing 39th and 47th. Both runners will be assets to the varsity team for the rest of the season.

Seniors Andrew Heinen and Eric Werlinger used the huge hills at Morris to their advantage and ran to solid finishes of 56th and 58th.

Training on the hilly Koronis Hills Golf Course helped prepare the team for the Morris hills.

Individual results
14) Dan Johnson 18:12
33) Matt Jorgensen 19:11
39) Doug Utsch 19:32
47) Colby Scheierl 19:53
56) Andrew Heinen 20:27
58) Eric Werlinger 20:33

The next meet is on Thursday, Sept. 5, at Brooten.

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