Volleyball team drops two games

This article submitted by sarah Nelson on 9/24/96.

The volleyball team played two tough teams this week and couldn't find a win.
Last Monday, Sept. 16, the girls
traveled to Renville to take on Belview- Danube- Renville -Sacred Heart (BDRSH). On Tuesday, Sept. 17, they played at home against the Melrose Dutchmen.

Monday's game versus BDRSH was a nonconference game, so the team used it as a chance to build offensive and defensive skills. BDRSH is an extremely talented team and the Bulldogs played very well against such an experienced team, with great digging, blocking and hitting.

The scores of the first and second games didn't reflect how well the Bulldogs actually played, losing 15-1 and 15-3, respectively. In the third the girls played well, but not well enough to win. They lost 15-7.

Tanya Lieser and Stephanie Tangen each had nine hits, Lieser with three aces, Tangen with two. Lieser also had nine blocks with one ace.

On Tuesday, the Bulldogs played at home against Melrose, hoping to find a win. The girls started out strong in the first game but lost it at the end, 15-10. The second and third games were both close, but the girls just couldn't get it. They lost the third 16-18 and the fourth 16-14.

The girls' hitting was tough with a total of 22 kills. Michelle Glenz was the leading hitter for the Bulldogs with 24 hits and six aces, along with seven blocks and two aces. Krista Fuchs was 11-11 hitting with three aces, Carrie Hemmesch had 14 hits with two aces, Tanya Lieser racked up four kills and Tangen had five. Sheri Lieser, returning from an ankle injury, played well defensively. She had eleven hits with two aces and served nine for nine with one ace.

This week's schedule includes two home games on Tuesday versus St. Cloud Cathedral and Thursday against Albany. The Bulldogs will be looking for their second win. On Saturday, Sept. 28, the girls will play in a tournament at Kimball.

Paynesville 01 03 07
BDRSH 15 15 15

Carrie Hemmesch 7-7, Stephanie Mueller 2-2, Sarah Nelson 6-7, Jill Spanier 6-6, Sara Spanier 2-2, Steph Tangen 6-6, Laura Mages 1-1;
Hitting: Hemmesch 2-5; T. Lieser 9-11, 3 aces; Tangen 9-10, 2 aces; Krista Fuchs 3-5, 1 ace; Glenz 2-3, 1 ace; S. Lieser 2-3, 1 ace;
Tips: Glenz 1-1, 1 ace;
Blocks: Fuchs 2-2; Tanya Lieser 9-9, 1 ace; Tangen 1-1; Lieser 2-2, 1 ace;
Assists: Nelson 3, S. Spanier 3; Stacy Roberg 1;
Digs: Fuchs 4-4, Hemmesch 22-32, Mueller 8-10, J. Spanier 11-13, Tangen 14-20, Laura Mages 4-8.

Paynesville 10 16 14
Melrose 15 18 16

S. Spanier 10-11, J. Spanier 12-13, Mueller 4-5, Nelson 17-18, Hemmesch 8-8;
Hitting: Fuchs 11-11 3 aces; Michelle Glenz 24-25, 6 aces; T. Lieser 7-9, 4 aces; Tangen 16-18, 5 aces; S. Lieser 11-13, 2 aces; Hemmesch 14-16, 2 aces;
Tips: T. Lieser 3-3, 2 aces; Tangen 2-2, 1 ace; Glenz 5-5; Roberg 1-1, 1 ace;
Blocks: Fuchs 4-4, T. Lieser 2-2, 2 aces;
Assists: Nelson 6, S. Spanier 8;
Digs: J. Spanier 11-16, Hemmesch 12-18; S..Lieser 17-23; Roberg 9-13; Mueller 4-5; Tangen 30-36.

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