Girls cross country continues to improve

This article submitted by Amanda Lieser & Emily Glenz on 9/24/96.

On Tuesday, Sept. 17, the Paynesville girls cross country team ran an excellent race on their home course. The weather was perfect for running, with a light wind so the runners stayed cool.

It was a small meet, consisting of only five complete teams.

The girls varsity team took third place overall. The junior varsity and junior high teams were both incomplete.

Erin Aagesen once again led the team with a fifth place finish. Amanda Lieser followed close behind, finishing seventh.

Aagesen and Lieser have been running very consistently this year, which helps out the team score.

Tiffany Rausch ran an excellent race, finishing 14th. Camille Flanders also ran well in 15th. Both girls ran together for most of the race.

These four girls received medals for their finishes.

Next across the finish line were Emily Glenz and Carin Frenchick placing 21st and 22nd.

Amber Michaelis ran a good race, placing 27th.

Varsity Team standings

1) Morris 33
2) Wadena-Deer Creek 48
3) Paynesville 62
4) Albany 102
5) Minnewaska 134

Individual results

5) Erin Aagesen 16:29
7) Amanda Lieser 16:43
14) Tiffany Rausch 17:39
15) Camille Flanders 17:41
21) Emily Glenz 18:12
22) Carin Frenchick 18: 26
27) Amber Michaelis 19:07

Junior varsity

Junior varsity girls ran very well at the home meet. Only three Paynesville girls ran in this race.

Cindy Lang was first in for Paynesville. She finished in second place.

The next two finished close together. Christina Utsch and Missy Winter placed fifth and sixth, respectively.

Individual results

2) Cindy Lang 19:56
5) Christina Utsch 21:11
6) Missy Winter 21: 33

Junior High

Three girls also ran this race. The course was shorter than the varsity and junior varsity races. It was one and a half miles to the finish line.

These girls ran an excellent race, finishing first, second and third. First in was Melody Veldkamp, then Kelly Fenske and Melinda Norris.

All the girls were pleased with their finishes.

Individual results

1) Melody Veldkamp 12:23
2) Kelly Fenske 12:32
3) Melinda Norris 12:40


Last Saturday, Sept. 21, was a dreary and wet day as the cross country team headed off to the largest high school meet in the world in Princeton.

The rain held off for most of the girls' races, with the exception of a light misting.

On average, there were between 400 and 500 runners in each race. With this in mind, each runner needed run to a slightly different race. To avoid getting trampled, each runner started out faster than normal. Trying to get ahead is the key in most races, but at this meet, a runner can get caught in a pack and may have trouble getting ahead.

Senior Amanda Lieser was the first Paynesville runner across the line. She has experience running at Princeton and ran well, placing 25th.

Erin Aagesen was next in, finishing 37th. She also ran well, staying with the top runners.

The next four girls have been doing very well when it comes to pack running. Despite the amount of people, these girls found each other and ran together for most of the race.

Carin Frenchick and Emily Glenz placed 120th and 121st, respectively. Next were Tiffany Rausch and Camille Flanders, finishing 127th and 128th. All four girls finished within five seconds of each other.

Cindy Lang was the seventh runner on the girls varsity team. She placed 260th. It was her first varsity race this year and Lang did well.

All official results of the meet are being mailed, but the team did finish in 12th place. There were 51 complete teams and about 30 incomplete teams.

"I'm proud of our progress this year! The team is very positive and we are going to continue toward our goals," coach Darrel Carstens said.

Individual results

25) Amanda Lieser 16:01
37) Erin Aagesen 16:20
120) Carin Frenchick 17:30
121) Emily Glenz 17:31
127) Tiffany Rausch 17:32
128) Camille Flanders 17:35
260) Cindy Lang no time listed

Ninth Grade

Two freshmen ran this race. At Princeton, the races are divided by grades from seventh grade to tenth grade, then varsity and junior varsity races, so these two girls ran against other ninth graders from all over Minnesota.

The race was only 2000 meters, or about a mile and a quarter.

Christina Utsch finished 110th. Missy Winter wasn't too far behind in 121st. Both girls had great races and finished well.

Individual results

110) Christina Utsch 9:24
121) Missy Winter 9:39

Eighth Grade

Melody Veldkamp ran this race that was 2000 meters long. She finished well with the time of 9:27.

Seventh Grade

Two Paynesville girls ran this 2000 meter race. This was their first time at Princeton, and along with other team members, they were nervous.

Both girls ran great. Melinda Norris ran to a 72nd-place finish. Kelly Fenkse placed 111th.

Individual results

72) Melinda Norris 8:52
111) Kelly Fenske 9:19

Thanks to all the fans who support the cross country teams! Our next meet is the Koronis Invitational on Thursday, Sept. 26. Come and cheer the teams on!

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