Volleyball team loses to two tough opponents

This article submitted by Laura Mages & Courtney Karsch on 9/15/98.

Paynesville started out slow for their second week in the season. On Sept. 8, the Bulldogs traveled to Long Prairie-Grey Eagle.

The Bulldogs started out slow but as the games continued, the girls started to pick up the enthusiasm and started to compete against the Thunder.

Paynesville played three games but the Bulldogs couldnít pull out a win.

The scores were:

Paynesville: 7 14 9
Long Prairie: 15 16 15

The Melrose Dutchmen traveled to Paynesville on Sept. 10 for a competi-tive game against the roaring Bulldogs.

The games started with the crowd riled up and the Bulldogs were ready to play a hard game of volleyball.

In the first game, the Bulldogs lost 15-9 but they were determined to get back into the game to defeat the Dutchmen in the second game. The Bulldogs were pumped up by the crowd and they showed the Dutchmen who was boss of the second game winning with a score of 15-8.

The Bulldogs were ready to play another game but they knew it was going to take some hard core volleyball.

In the third game, the Bulldogs held the lead but the Dutchmen picked it up and before we knew it the score was tied 13-13. With the longest volleys and hard digging the Bulldogs lost 15-13.

We had one more game to play before the night was over but the Dutchmen pulled it off instead of the Bulldogs. That night the Bulldogs were happy with the way they played.

Paynesville : 9 15 13 10
Melrose: 15 8 15 15

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