Church softball is over for the 1997 season

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 8/12/97.

The St. Louis Catholic Church softball team won the 1997 church softball title with barely a fight, going undefeated at 7-0 for the tournament. Since the beginning of June the team defeated every one of its competitors, taking the church division title, 6-0, over the Paynesville Lutheran and Nordland teams, Grace United Methodist, Crystal Hills, Cold Spring, and two teams from Paynesville Evangelical Free.

In the final round robin play-offs, held August 2 and 3, the Paynesville Lutherans proved to be St. Louis' greatest threat, only losing by one run, 7-6. However, by the end of Saturday's play, St. Louis' odds didn't look too grim, having taken the wins from the first four teams.

St. Louis' first game on Saturday against the Evangelical's B team earned them an 11-4 start. They knew they were on their way when they beat the Lutherans in a close game in the bottom of the sixth. They kept their lead with a victory over the Evangelical's A team, 18-7, and finished out the day with a forfeit over Cold Spring.

Sunday brought a similar string of successes for the St. Louis team as they started off with another close game over Crystal Hills, 12-8. In their sixth play-off game they defeated Grace United Methodist, 17-1, and went on to a final victory with Nordland's forfeit.

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