Eight local athletes compete in state Special Olympics

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 07/08/97.

Eight Paynesville athletes competed in the 1997 State Summer Games for Special Olympics June 19 to 21 at the University of Minnesota Campus-Minneapolis.There were 648 athletes competing in track and field events over the three-day competition.

Competing from the elementary school were Matt Bayer, Yvette Lounsbury, Michael Naujokas and Erica Wander; middle school, Dallas Richardson, Margaret Schmitz, Danny Schutz, and Aaron Vadner.

Paynesville athletes participated in various track and field events. Athletes are divisioned by age and competition ability. Results of the competition include:

Softball throw:
First place:
Yvette Lounsbury and Danny Schutz
Third place: Michael Naujokas and Matt Bayer
Fourth place: Erica Wander and Aaron Vadner
Fifth place: Margaret Schmitz and Dallas Richardson

100-meter run:
First place:
Michael Naujokas
Second place: Margaret Schmitz

200-meter run:
First place:
Yvette Lounsbury
Third place: Erica Wander
Fifth place: Matt Bayer
Sixth place: Aaron Vadner

400-meter run:
Fourth place:
Danny Schutz

400-meter relay:
Both teams earned fourth place:
Team I, Dallas Richardson, Margaret Schmitz, Aaron Vadner, Danny Schutz.
Team 2, Michael Naujokas, Matt Bayer, Yvette Lounsbury, Erica Wander.

Special Olympics is a volunteer organization focusing on training for life. Anyone interested in more information about Special Olympics can call Lori Asche at 320-796-2797.

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