Local Special Olympians compete at state

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 7/3/96.

Eight local athletes competed in the State Special Olympics Track and Field meet that was held on May 20-22 at the University of Minnesota. The athletes participating were Ruth Schmitz, Danny Schutz, Margaret Schmitz, Matt Bayer, Michael Naujokas, Yvette Lounsbury, Dustin Rudy, and Erica Wander.

Michael Naujokas received a third place medal for the 50-meter race. In the 100-meter run, Margaret Schmitz, received a second place medal, Erica Wander a third place medal, and Dustin Rudy received a fifth place ribbon. Matt Bayer was awarded a second place medal for the 200-meter run, while Yvette Lounsbury and Ruth Schmitz each received a third place medal in the 200 meter. Danny Schutz competed in the 400-meter race and won a first place medal. The relay team made up of Erica Wander, Dustin Rudy, Matt Bayer, and Yvette Lounsbury took first place.

The following were the results of the softball throw: Margaret Schmitz, first place; Danny Schutz and Erica Wander, third place; Yvette Lounsbury and Ruth Schmitz, fourth place; and Matt Bayer fifth place.

Softball throw results for Michael Naujokas, Dustin Rudy, and Danny Schutz have not been received due to rain delays during the competition.

According to their coaches, the athletes tried very hard and did a great job!

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