Gina Benson places fourth in state high jump

This article submitted by on 6/11/96.

Gina Benson, only a freshman, competed on Saturday, June 8, at the state track meet in Blaine.

The opening height at the state meet was 4'11", quite higher than Gina is used to. But, of course, Gina cleared it on her first attempt. The bar was then raised to 5'1", and again, Gina cleared this height. Finally, the bar was set at 5'3" and 12 jumpers were still remaining in the competition, however, Gina had a lot of advantage since she hadn't missed a jump yet.

Gina failed to clear 5'3" on her first attempt, but skyed it on her second try. Now the bar was raised to 5'4" and seven girls were still remaining. The pressure was really coming on. Gina missed on all three attempts at this height, but so did four other girls. There were ties between all of them, but whoever misses the least on earlier heights, receives the better placing. Gina never missed, so she tied with another girl for an outstanding fourth place.

Not only did Gina accomplish fourth place, but she also received all-state honors in track for 1996.

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