All-Star game

This article submitted by Aaron Ziemer on 6/9/98.

The County Line League will be facing the Central Valley League in this yearís all-star game, in Eden Valley on Friday night at 8 p.m.

The teams that make up the County Line League are Regal, Norway Lake-Sunburg, Melrose, New London-Spicer, Paynesville, Sauk Centre, and Belgrade-Brooten.

The Central Valley League is made up of Pearl Lake, Eden Valley, Watkins, Luxemburg, Kimball, St. Augusta, Cold Spring, and St. Nicholas.

The County Line League All-Star roster is as follows:

Ryan Spanier - Melrose
Wade Von Eschen - B-B
Jeff Ostendorf - NL-Spicer
Chris Bartosewski - Sauk Centre
Zack Nelson - NL-Sunburg
Jason Schlecht - Paynesville

Position Players:
Chad Hess - C - Melrose
Ryan Bartosewski - C - Sauk Centre
Mike Beier - 1B - Regal
Josh Kettering - 1B - NL-Sunburg
Matt Thompson - 2B - B-B
Shawn Molenarr - 2B - NL-Sunburg
James Cortez - SS - NL-Sunburg
Paul Kane - SS - Sauk Centre
Randy Beier - 3B - Regal
Scott Morris - 3B - Paynesville
Mike Tangen - OF - Regal
Aaron Deroo - OF - B-B
Kurt Langer - OF - Melrose
Joe Fredricks - OF - Sauk Centre
Brandon Wensman - OF - Paynesville
Mike Thompson - OF - NL-Spicer

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