Softball team loses in playoffs; season over

This article submitted by Jill Spanier on 05/27/97.

The Paynesville Lady Bulldogs, who were placed sixth in the Sub Section, traveled to Maple Lake last week to start off their Sub Section play. The game ended in a 2-12 loss.

The Bulldogs ended their season with a 0-15 record. "The game was a bad way to end a season; but you know, even losing has taught us something," commented junior Jen Roberg, "but whatever that was, we'll find out later!"

"Softball should be fun," said senior Angie Beier, "but with the record we had, it was hard to have fun. You gotta go into this sport with a positive attitude, but a lot of people had an 'I don't care' thing going on, which wasn't a real positive thing for the team."

LPGE: 4 12 5 - 12 -0 -4
Paynesville : 0 00 11- 2 -5-5

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