Softball: Win first game of season on Saturday

This article submitted by Maria Wegner on 4/21/98.

On Tuesday, April 18, the Bulldogs hosted and lost to a tough Litchfield team, 11-0 in five innings. Paynesville struggled to get hits, while Litchfield capitalized on the Bulldogís errors.

Litchfield: 0100 01- 11 9 0
Paynesville: 000 00- 0 1 3

Sauk Centre
On Friday, April 17, the Bulldogs travelled to Sauk Centre for their second game of the week. They lost to Sauk Centre 8-3 in seven innings. Before Friday night, neither of these two teams had won a game this season.

Paynesville started the game off well with two runs scoring in the first inning, however, they just couldnít get their bats on the ball.

The highlight of the game came when sophomore Carrie Hemmesch led off the third inning with a solo home run.

Sauk Centre: 221 120 x- 8 7 3
Paynesville: 201 000 0- 3 2 5

Paynesville tournament

On Saturday, April 18, the Bulldog softball team hosted Atwater-Cosmos- Grove City and Belgrade-Brooten- Elrosa for their annual Paynesville tournament. Paynesville won their first game against ACGC, 9-4, but lost their second game to BBE, 15-5.

Says senior captain Jen Lindquist, ďI hope we can continue to improve and win a few more games.Ē

The game versus ACGC was the Bulldogís first win of the season. Paynesville took advantage of some inconsistent pitching from ACGC by walking seven times in the first inning.

Julie Sixta pitched a nice game for Paynesville, striking out five.

In the Bulldogs second game, BBE took a demanding lead in the first inning, scoring nine runs, with none of them being earned. BBE also scored three runs in the sixth inning to secure their victory.

ACGC: 301 00- 4 4 1
Paynesville: 603 00- 9 5 1

BBE: 901 203 - 15 14 2
Paynesville: 001 310- 5 7 7

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