Girls hockey hold awards banquet

This article submitted by Bev Ahlquist, NLS Times editor on 4/15/97.

A potluck get together for the Trailblazers (the PNLS girls hockey team), parents, team manager and coach was held Sunday at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church.

The girls were presented with medals for last year when they won the south conference. Medals for this year's tournament are still forthcoming.

Several plaques were given out by the girls. One to Sharon Mackedanz, who has been their manager for four years, and the other to Brad McCool, their coach.

Mike and Sharon Mackedanz presented the senior girls each with a carnation. The girls thanked Sharon "for sticking around even after Kristi (her daughter) left the team when she graduated from high school.

McCool told the girls they were a great bunch of kids, thanking them for their encouragement and praise. "I can't tell you how proud I am of these girls," he said. "Hockey is a great sport and they're good at it."

McCool said, "If I had a rookie of the year, this year it would have been Rachel Larson." Ms. Johnson, (Eli) is probably the most improved over the season, he said, and Courtney Karsch, Amanda McCool and Shari Vogt would probably have made all conference, all district or all state. "I can see that happening when they're seniors."

Statistics for the girls are: Paula Vogt, high scorer with 73 points for the season, and 13 assists; Courtney Karsch, 28 points and 10 assists; Bonnie Laabs, two points; Tessa Plumley, two points and nine assists; Kris Pyka, eight points and six assists; Olivia Webster eight points and three assists; Amanda McCool, 11 points and nine assists; Alana Ahlquist, six points and three assists; Rachel Larson, six points and three assists; Angie Routh, five points and three assists; Eli Johnson, one point; Crystal Huhn, four assists; Shari Vogt who played goalie, one assist; and Nina Bregel, one point. Shari Vogt had 345 saves for the season.

"We've had fun for four years," McCool said. "And it looks like we may not have the participation to have a team next year," noting that since NL-S opted to not go with the hockey program that means the girls from Litchfield, Paynesville and Richmond will be playing high school hockey. This leaves the New London, Spicer, Hawick and Atwater girls with no option to play, unless they open enroll somewhere else. "There's always the option for open enrollment," he said.

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