After a slow start, softball has first game this week

This article submitted by Jill Spanier on 4/15/97.

After several absences, weather delays, and a field that had snowbanks directly off first base, the Paynesville Area High School softball team is finally ready to hit the field.

This year, eight starters are returning; Jill Spanier, Angie Beier, and Krista Fuchs are seniors, and Nikki Hemmesch, Michele Lahr, Jen Roberg, Melissa Hopfer and Jen Lindquist are juniors, the five of them also last season's letterwinners.

With eight starters returning, and strong hitting from the underclassmen, the Bulldogs have a lot of talent and potential.

"The team really has a lot of talent and I know that if we work together we can take care of business," said senior Krista Fuchs.

In softball, a good pitcher is an important asset. This year the Lady Bulldogs have three pitchers.

"Last season we went 2-17 and this year with a lot of returning players we have a lot more experience, which should help us out a great deal." said Coach Rafferty.

"We're improving," said junior pitcher Michele Lahr. "Things can only get better and we can only get faster!"

With three games already delayed, the girls are anxious to take the field and get some games in.

"We've been practicing indoors and outdoors for over a month, but mostly indoors; and we're ready to get on the field." said senior Angie Beier.

"We hope to do much better than last season," commented Coach Rafferty. "We've got a lot of smart, good players. Hopefully, we can use our experience and play some good ball."

The Lady Bulldogs will host their first tournament of the season at home on Saturday.

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