Girls basketball: Kristi Lieser named all conference

This article submitted by Kristi Lieser on 3/17/98.

The Lady Bulldogs officially wrapped up their season with a banquet at Hill Top Restaurant on Thursday, March 12.

The Lady Bulldogs made a lot of improvements this year, according to Coach Mahlum. When the girls went to Albany, they were badly defeated. At home in front of a large crowd, the Bulldogs lost by one point on a last second call that could have gone either way. They also made big strides between the two games against New London-Spicer.

The Bulldogs led the West Central Conference North in blocked shots for the second straight year with 88 blocks. They also had four individuals who are ranked in the top ten in the conference. They are: Tanya Lieser (first), Jen Lindquist (fourth), Carrie Hemmesch (sixth), and Amber Michaelis (ninth).

Lieser was named to the All-Conference Team. She averaged 11.5 points, eight rebounds, and 3.7 blocked shots per game.

Michaelis, averaging 10 points and two steals per game, was given an honorable mention.

All-Conference: Tanya Lieser
Honorable Mention: Amber Michaelis

Conference rankings
3 Pt. Field goals: Michaelis, 10th
2 Pt. Field goals: Lieser, 8th
Free throws: Michaelis, 3rd; Lieser, 4th
Scoring: Michaelis, 6th; Lieser, 8th
Rebounds: Lieser, 4th
Steals: Michaelis, 9th
Blocked shots:
Lieser, 1st; Lindquist, 4th; Hemmesch, 6th; and Michaelis, 9th

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