Local wrestling club holds elementary tourney

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 03/18/97.

More than 400 wrestlers from throughout the area competed at the Paynesville Open Sunday afternoon. The wrestlers ranged in age from kindergarten through eighth grade. The top three place finishers received trophies and the fourth place finishers were presented medals.

Paynesville wrestlers and in the top four were:
Eighth grade: first place: David Kerzman.

Seventh grade: first place, Nick Fuchs, Nathan Glenz; second place, Jason Leyendecker, Max Meagher, Jamie Wendlandt; third place, Jeremy Sogge; and fourth place, Steve Johnson.

Sixth grade: first place, Eric Frank, Ryan Glenz, Tony Spates; second place, Josh Kerzman, Mike Smith, Jerry Wolbeck; third place, Adam Christian, Justin Hartfiel, Adam Leyendecker; and fourth place, Ricky Lahr.

Fifth grade: first place, Matt Kerzman, Ryan Knisley, Pat Utsch; second place, Chad Wyffels, Trever Stanger.

Fourth grade: first place, Joel Kerzman; second place, Luke Jaskowiak, Jon Mohr, Tom Smith; third place, Kevin Heinen, Jim Jansen, Chris Utsch; and fourth place, Josh Tebben.

Third grade: first place, Sean Glenz, John Hemingson, Joey Sheridan, Tom Stoneburner, Dustin Utsch, Brady Wuertz; second place, Cody Block, Justin Bork, Ryan Hess, Matt Mergen, Derek Stanger; third place, Aaron Bachman, Andrew Christian, fourth place, Mike Barney, Greg Mehr, and Jordan Schultz.

Second grade: first place, Cole Kampsen; second place, Tony Ahrens, Aaron Burris, Tom Jaskowiak, Richard Johnson, Brad Torborg; third place, Randy Leyendecker.

First grade: first place, Jordan Christian, Bill Thompson; second place, Jordan Spaeth, Cory Spanier, Cyril Storkamp; third place, Ted Hoffman, Mike Kern; fourth place, Keegan Meagher.

Kindergarten: second place, Zach Fuchs and Michael Wendlandt.

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