Awards given to gymnasts

This article submitted by Maria Wegner on 03/04/97.

The Paynesville gymnastics team held its banquet on Monday, Feb. 24. The banquet was led by head coach Diane Dutcher.

The junior varsity average season score was 89.25, and the varsity team also has a lot to be proud of with an average season score of 121.94.

Several varsity school records were broken throughout this past season. The varsity gymnasts set the school's record for highest total bar score in competition on the uneven parallel bars.

The varsity team voted on several awards. Spanier received the most valuable award; most improved was awarded to Krysta Larson, most effort went to Camille Flanders, and best attitude was awarded to Lori Thomes.

The junior varsity gymnasts were presented with several awards they had previously voted on. Joy Hemmesch received the most improved on vault award, most improved on bars, as well as the most positive attitude award.

On beam, Tracy Miller and Michelle Wolbeck tied for most improved. Kelli Fenske and Rachel Koehn were most improved on floor, and the most effort award went to Jenni Mayer and Amy Mueller.

Receiving the award for persistence and progress were Mueller and Mesa Frenchick, and Mayer and Koehn both received the coachability award.

Overall, both team had an excellent season and would like to thank all the fans for their support.

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