PeeWee hockey has good season despite loses

This article submitted by Dave Jacobson on 2/18/97.

The puck was down in our zone when Tony Wielson stole the puck away and passed it up to Jeff Campe, who brought it out past the blue line. It was passed to Michael Heinen to continue down the ice with the other team hot on his trail, but not before passing it to Chris Jacobson.

Jacobson quickly shot the puck at the goal but the goalie swiftly put his stick out to block the shot, but not swiftly enough to stop the rebounded shot by Campe.

Yes, the puck went in for a goal!!

This play could describe the hundreds of times the Paynesville, New London, Spicer Pee Wee's traveled down the ice. The games are always exciting, fast, and good entertainment.

Our record this year may not look the best with one win, one tie, and six losses, but the losses generally were within one or two goals, with an additional six tournament games we lost by only one goal in four of the games with less than 45 seconds left in the game. The greatest loss this season was against White Bear Lake during our tournament in Paynesville, Feb. 1 and 2. It's not too bad losing 10-3 to a team that is rated #1 in the nation as far as having the most kids in a single hockey organization.

This year our losses decreased from last year and by fewer goals. This includes the fact that out of 14 kids, three of them have never played organized hockey before.

With the season coming to an end, our team has worked well together and should be congratulated for an exceptional effort.

Players are: Jesse Bengtson, Derrick Bloedel, Jeff Campe, Keith Coe, Joseph DeRose, John Downey, Justin Hartfiel, Michael Heinen, Dustin Humbert, Christopher Jacobson, John Knapp, Anthony Nielson, Nick Purkat, and Matt Skindelien. Chris Stowell is head coach, Rollo Campe and Dan Purkat are assistant coaches, and Dave Jacobson is team manager.

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