Boys hockey: Season ends with playoff loss

This article submitted by Kurt Habben on 2/17/98.

The boys hockey team played Morris Tuesday, Feb. 10, in Richmond. The Morris team lost the last time they faced the Stars, so River Lakes knew they had to bring their ďAĒ game.

The Stars were leading the game 6-0 shortly after the start of the third period. Chris Soine fired what could have been one of the greatest shots this year for the Stars off the top of the circle. The Stars lost the bid for a shutout later in the period, as Morris scored two goals late in the game.

River Lakes: 2 3 1 - 6
Morris: 0 0 2 - 2

The teamís last regular season game was against Indus on Friday night, Feb. 13. The game was a new experience for the team because the Indus players stayed overnight with the River Lakes players following the game.

The Stars quickly took charge in the game, firing shots away at the goalie. Once the first goal went in, others quickly followed. Before the period was over, the Stars had managed to build up a 5-0 lead. The game ended with the Stars winning 15-0.

The shutout was the first of the year for Clements. He had many games where he came close, so he was happy to finally achieve his goal.

Playoff game
St. Cloud Tech

The Stars first playoff game ever was Saturday, Feb. 14, against the St. Cloud Tech Tigers in St. Cloud. The Tigers were the first AA team the Stars had played all year, so the Stars didnít know what to expect.

The first period ended with the score tied at 1-1.

The second period was the worst period the Stars had experienced all year. Tech managed to score six goals in the period alone.

The third period was played with severity because it was the last period the seniors played in high school hockey. There were more shots on the goalie than in the earlier periods, but the Stars could not score again. Tech scored two power play goals in the period, making the final score 9-1 and ending the Stars first season of high school hockey.

St. Cloud Tech: 1 6 2 - 9
River Lakes: 1 0 0 - 1

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