Boys hockey: Break losing streak with win over Sauk

This article submitted by Kurt Habben on 2/10/98.

On Thursday, Feb. 5, the Stars travelled to Sauk Centre, hoping to end their three-game losing streak. Even though the Streeters didnít have an impressive record, the Stars were careful not to be overconfident.

The Stars capitalized early in the game, scoring twice in the first 7:15 of the first period. After a barrage of shots on the Sauk Centre goalie.

Much to the Stars disappointment, Sauk Centre scored just 17 seconds after the Sorum goal. The Stars knew the game was not overand went on to score four more goals.

River Lakes: 3 3 0 - 6
Sauk Centre: 1 2 0 - 3

The Stars played Benson on Tuesday, Feb. 3, at Richmond. Benson was hoping to avenge a 4-3 overtime loss earlier in the season.
In the third quarter, Jeff Haselhorst made a tough break to the net to power in a goal which cut the Benson lead to 3-2.

But with two minutes remaining, a penalty was called on River Lakes. The goalie for the Stars was pulled, making for 5 on 5 hockey. Benson was able to score on their first time in the Staeís end, making the final score 4-2.

Benson: 1 1 2 - 4
River Lakes: 1 0 1 -2

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