Boys basketball team loses in overtime

This article submitted by Aaron Ziemer on 1/7/97.

The Bulldogs dropped to 3-4 Friday night at home with a loss to STMA 56-51 in overtime.

The Bulldogs were led by David Hemmesch who scored 12 points and Joe Bergstrom who scored 10.

This game was another close one for the Bulldogs. Down by two 51-49, Grant Bowden hit a shot with :02 seconds remaining to tie the score. The game then went to overtime and the Bulldogs lost it down the stretch.

However, Paynesville had their chances to win as they got out to an 8-0 lead to start the game and held the Knights to one field goal in the first quarter.

Head coach Carstens said, "I thought we played very good defense and did a good job rebounding, but we didn't always make the wise decisions on offense."

Paynesville was also plagued by turnovers, committing 19 of them. This really hurt the team down the stretch when they lost their lead in the fourth quarter.

The game was back and forth the entire night. After Paynesville's hot start they fell behind and were losing at the half by three, 19-16.

This was the third intense game the Bulldogs have had in a row. It was also the second straight overtime game they played.

Paynesville will play New London Spicer at home, Monday, January 13.

1st Quarter: STMA 5, Paynesville 10;
2nd: STMA 14, Pville 6;
3rd: STMA 18, Pville 21;
4th: STMA 19, Pville 14;
Final: STMA 56, Pville 51

Bulldogs Scoring

Field Goals:
Bowden 4; Stalboeger 3; Bergstrom 5; Hemmesch 4; Jenniges 4; Williams 1; Free Throws: Bowden 1-2; Stalboerger 2-2; Bergstrom 0-1; Hemmesch 4-8; Jenniges 0-2; Leo 2-2; Points: Bowden 9; Stalboerger 8; Bergstrom 10; Hemmesch 12; Jenniges 8; Williams 2; Leo 2;
Bulldogs totals:
FG: 21; FT: 9-17; PTS: 51;

STMA Totals:
FG: 19; FT: 12-24; PTS: 56;

Bowden 3; Stalboerger 10; Bergstrom 1; Hemmesch 9; Jenniges 7; Leo 2; Williams 2; Werlinger 2;
Assists: Bowden 4; Stalboerger 1; Bergstrom 1; Hemmesch 2; Jenniges 1; Steals: Bowden 5; Bergstrom 3; Hemmesch 1; Jenniges 1; Williams 1;
Totals: Reb: 36; A: 19; S: 17;

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