River Lakes girls hockey still undefeated

This article submitted by Courtney Karsch on 12/1/98.

Even though there isnít any snow on the ground, the River Lakes Stars girlís varsity hockey team are on a roll this season. After five games, they remain undefeated and are still on fire.

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, the Stars traveled to Brainerd for a pretty tough competition. The Stars came home with a 2-1 victory.

It took the Stars a while to get into the game, but when they did action happened. Kari Turkowski scored the first goal to get the Stars all fired up to score some more. And that is what they did. Marya Losinski was in her correct position when her goal was scored. She was in front of the net and in went the puck.

The Stars were so excited as they really wanted to win the game. Unfortunately, no goals were scored in the second or third periods. The Stars skated hard and really played the puck well. To cause the Stars goalie to lose the shutout, Brainerd snuck one by and in it went to give the game a final score of 2-1 Stars.

On Saturday, Nov. 28, the Stars again had to travel, but this time to Alexandria. The Stars blasted Alexandria 7-1.

The Stars were really fired up and knew they could have another victory. The Stars had played Alexandria in a scrimmage earlier in the season. The first period was mellow paced. To kick things off, Natalie Rinn scored a well assisted goal by Turkowski. But to get even, Alex scored their first and only goal of the game.

That ended the first period. The Stars entered the second period with excite-ment and enthusiasm. They started off right away at a high pace and from the time the clock started for the second period until the clock stopped at the end of the third period, the Stars were on fire scoring goals left and right. To give herself a hat trick (scoring three goals in a game), Rinn scored two more goals that were well put together

To help out a little more Alexandria got a penalty which put the Stars in a power play situation. Turkowski, Melissa Jungles and Courtney Karsch went out on the ice and knew what they had to do. Turkowski came around the net and snuck a goal right in front of the goalie. To put the Stars ahead, Jungles took a shot from the front of the net and scored! This was the end of the second period which gave the Stars a 5-1 lead.

In the third period, there was no stopping these girls. They were on fire and were skating hard, passing well, and playing as a team. For a great shot out on top, Mary Beth Johannes scored her firrst goal of the season to get the Stars really fired up and to keep them going for more.

The last goal was scored by Karsch which was another power play. The Stars players and coaches were really proud of how they picked things up and how they ended the game with a great score to remain undefeated.

The Stars goalie, Jesse Simon, did a wonderful job in the net the entire game and was a great asset to the team. The Stars outshot Alex 30-6.

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