Five advance to state supershot contest

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/21/97.

Five Paynesville youth earned the right to compete at the state Jaycee Supershot contest on Feb. 2 in Stillwater.

The Paynesville Jaycees hosted Region 13 competition Saturday, Jan. 18, in the high school gym. More than 50 would-be basketball players competed. Towns represented were: Sacred Heart, Willmar, Glenwood, Benson, Belgrade, Paynesville, Starbuck, and Bird Island.

The competitors had seven positions marked on the floor to shoot from. The points they could earn ranged from one to seven, depending on the position. Each competitor shot two rounds. The basketball player with the most points won the right to advance. The top two point getters in each age category advance to state. The top four place getters received trophies Saturday.

Paynesville placers were:

Boys: Fourth grade: 4th - Mitchell Mackendanz, Paynesville.

Fifth grade: 2nd - Ross Jaeger.

Sixth grade: 1st - Todd Stelling; 3rd - Kevin Mehr.

Seventh grade: 4th - Wes Lieser.

Eighth grade: 3rd - Ryan Hunt; 4th - Marc Guillet.

Girls: Fourth grade: 3rd - Brittany Lieser.

Fifth grade: 3rd - Amber Orbeck.

Sixth grade: 3rd - Kayla Hemingson; 4th - Danielle Lieser.

Seventh grade: 1st - Stacy Lieser; 2nd - Sara Lieser.

Eighth grade: 1st - Katrina Orbeck.

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