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Paynesville Press - December 26, 2001

Gymnasts take four firsts in win

By Mandy Mayer

Kacy Nehowig The Bulldogs gymnastics team got their first victory of the season on Tuesday, Dec. 18, against Kimball/Eden Valley-Watkins. The Dogs were able to take four out of the five first places and win by ten points, 117.825-107.55.

Taking firsts for Paynesville were senior Rachel Koehn (balance beam), senior Amy Mueller (vault), junior Mandy Mayer (uneven bars), and seventh grader Kacy Nehowig (all around). Nehowig (pictured at right on the balance beam) placed in all five events to win the all-around competition. Koehn placed in three events, Mueller placed in two apiece plus the all around, and Mayer placed in two.

On the uneven bars, Mayer placed first with a 7.45, her season high. Nehowig was second, and Koehn placed third.

Mueller placed first on the vault. Nehowig was the only other Bulldog who was able to place. She received third place. Jessica Kotten and Celia Frieler performed vault for the varsity for the first time.

Koehn placed second on the floor exercise, Mueller was third, and Nehowig placed fifth.

Koehn had her season high on the balance beam (8.0) and placed first. Nehowig placed second, Tessa Miller placed third, and Mayer placed fifth. All four had no-fall routines. The Dogs' beam total was 30.30, its season high for the event.

"I was very pleased to see the girls place one, two, three on both bars and beam," said coach Deb Nehowig.

In the all-around competition Nehowig placed first. She had a personal best of 30.40. "Anytime a gymnast can break 30, you know they performed well on all four events," said coach Nehowig.

Mueller placed fourth in the all-around competition.

The gymnasts do not compete again until Tuesday, Jan. 8, when they travel to Litchfield.


Vault: Celia Frieler 6.95; Mandy Mayer 7.45; Kacy Nehowig (3) 8.00; Amy Mueller (1) 8.4; TOTAL 30.8.
Uneven bars: Mueller 5.4; Rachel Koehn (3) 7.0; Nehowig (2) 7.4; Mayer (1) 7.45; TOTAL 27.25.
Balance beam: Mayer (5) 7.15; Tessa Miller (3) 7.55; Nehowig (2) 7.6; Koehn (1) 8.0; TOTAL 30.30.
Floor: Miller 6.7; Nehowig (5) 7.4; Mueller (3) 7.575; Koehn (2) 7.8; TOTAL 29.475.
All around: Mueller (4) 28.175; Nehowig (1) 30.40.

LPGE 123.75, Paynesville 116.4
The Bulldogs lost to Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 123.75-116.4 on Thursday at home.

Mueller placed third on the vault. Kacy Nehowig placed fourth, and Tessa Miller tied for fifth place.

On the uneven bars, Nehowig tied for second place. Koehn placed fifth.

Mueller placed fourth on the balance beam. Koehn was right behind her, placing fifth.

Koehn had a great floor routine and placed third. Mueller was the only other Bulldog to place. She received fourth.

Nehowig placed fourth in the all-around competition. Mueller placed fifth. "Amy is so close to breaking the 30 mark for an all-around score," said coach Nehowig about Mueller. "She is such a hard worker at practice. I believe she will reach her goal."


Vault: Mandy Mayer 7.55; Tessa Miller 7.85 (5); Kacy Nehowig 7.95 (4); Amy Mueller (3) 8.3; TOTAL 31.65.
Uneven bars: Mueller 5.9; Mayer 6.75; Rachel Koehn (5) 6.85; Nehowig (2) 7.9; TOTAL 27.4.
Balance beam: Nehowig 6.6; Miller 6.95; Koehn (5) 7.5; Mueller (4) 7.55; TOTAL 28.6.
Floor: Miller 6.5; Nehowig 6.85; Mueller (4) 7.5; Koehn (3) 7.9; TOTAL 28.75.
All around: Mueller (5) 29.25; Nehowig (4) 29.3.

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