Gymnasts stay unbeaten with thrid win

This article submitted by Maria Wegener on 12/24/96.

The Paynesville varsity gymnasts won what they thought would be a close non-conference meet on Thursday by twelve points.

They were competing against Eden Valley-Watkins/Kimball, and the final score was 120.85-108.30. The parents of the Paynesville gymnasts were honored between the junior varsity and varsity meets.

The lady Bulldogs pulled ahead slightly on vault, outscoring EV-W/K by a mere .75 of a point, grabbing three of the top five finishes. The score after vault was 33.0-32.25. This was the closest the two teamsí scores would be all night.

Jen Moser had a personal best score of 8.1, earning her fifth place. Maria Wegner flew into third place with an 8.35. Sara Spanier had good flight in her vault, placing first with an 8.7.

Once again Paynesville outscored their opponents the most on bars, with a team score of 29.6 compared to EV-W/K's 23.7. The Bulldogs showed a good variety of skills performed with good execution and amplitude to earn high marks and four of the top five places.

Krysta Larson performed a flowing routine, earning a 6.75, to capture fifth place. Spanier stayed tight during her routine and was rewarded with a 7.3 and third place. Camille Flanders had the maximum points rewarded for difficulty, and placed second with a a 7.4. Wegner also had maximum difficulty points and swung well for a score of 8.15 and first place.

The Paynesville gymnasts had troubles staying on the beam, but they still scored well enough to take the top three places on the event. Because this was a non-conference meet, the Paynesville gymnasts did not hold back, in an attempt to earn all execution and amplitude points. The eventís final score was 27.4-24.55.

Wegner earned third place with a score of 6.55. In second place was Spanier, who scored a 6.9. Larson, a freshman, earned her first event title of the season. She had a nice routine, that earned her a 7.85.

The Paynesville gymnasts ended with strong performances on floor, again earning the top three places in the event. Their routines were much improved upon from last weekís meet, and their scores will be rising as they add more difficult skills with good execution.

Larson had excellent dance and nice tumbling. She placed third with a score of 7.65. Wegner looked like she was having fun during her routine, which combined nice dance with good tumbling, to earn second place. Spanier earned her second event title of the night with an 8.35. She had excellent tumbling during her routine.

Due to the absence of EV-W/Kís top gymnast, who is recovering from two fractured ankles, the all around title ended up to be a competition between Paynesvilleís three all around gymnasts, all of whom were within one point of each other. The battle was tight and ended close.

Larson placed third with a score of 30.05. Wegner was second, having an ending score of 30.85. Spanier earned her third all around title of the season. Her final score was 31.0.

Varsity Gymnasts of the Meet were: Joy Hemmesch for performing the combination of two back handsprings connected to a back tucked somi; Larson for a great floor routine, no fall beam routine, and nice connected long hang kips with straight arms on bars; Spanier for a strong third pass on floor; Flanders for a nice flowing bar routine; Wegner for scoring an 8.3 on a handspring vault, which has a start value of 8.0, and a great bars mount; and Moser for a tight 1/4-3/4 that earned her a new personal best of 8.1.

The Paynesville gymnasts next meet will be on Jan. 6, 1996 at home versus Morris. This will be the make-up meet for the December 17 meet that was postponed due to the weather. On Thursday, Jan. 9, the gymnasts will host Melrose.

Paynesville: 120.85
EVW/K: 108.30


Krysta Larson: 7.85
Jen Moser 8.10
Maria Wegner: 8.35
Sara Spanier: 8.70
Total: 32.25

EVW/K Total:32.25

Balance Beam:

Moser: 6.10
Wegner: 6.55
Spanier 6.90
Larson: 7.85
Total: 27.40

EVW/K Total: 24.55

Moser: 7.05
Larson: 7.65
Wegner: 7.80
Spanier: 8.35
Total: 30.85

EVW/K Total: 27.80

Uneven Bars
Larson: 6.75
Spanier: 7.30
Camille Flanders: 7.40
Wegner: 8.15

EVW/K Total: 23.70

All Around
Larson: 30.05
Spanier: 31.00

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