Girls drop two: Annandale and Melrose

This article submitted by Nicole Orbeck on 12/24/96.

The Bulldogs traveled to Melrose, last Tuesday, Dec. 17, to play the Dutchmen, in their first game of the week. The Dutchmen managed to outscore the Bulldogs in the fourth quarter, and win the game 64-57.

Maintaining the lead throughout the first three quarters of the game, the Bulldogs held on until the last minutes of the fourth quarter.

With over four minutes left in the fourth quarter, the scoreboard was accidentally cleared. Neither the officials, nor the bookkeepers knew exactly how much time was left on the clock. Four minutes and eighteen seconds were put on and the game continued.

With three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, senior Steph Tangen got her fourth foul. Yet another stall in the game occurred when the Melrose book had it as her fifth foul.

Because the Melrose book was the official book, Tangen was forced to leave the game.

Fouling in the end of the game, the Bulldogs sent the Dutchmen to the line. They shot strong and pulled away for the game.

The Bulldogs were led by Tangen and sophomore Amber Michaelis, each scoring 15 points. Freshman Tanya Lieser added 10 points.

1st Quarter:
Melrose 11, Paynesville 12;
2nd: Melrose 10, Pville 14;
3rd: Melrose 18, Pville 14;
4th: Melrose 24, Pville 17;
Final: Melrose 64, Pville 57.

Bulldogs Scoring

Field Goals:
Tangen 6; Michaelis 5; A. Lieser 3; Beek 2; Lindquist 2; T. Lieser 5;
Free Throws: Tangen 3/3; Michaelis 4/5; A. Lieser 2/4;
Points: Tangen 15, Michaelis 15; A. Lieser 8; Beek 4; Lindquist 4; T. Lieser 10;
Bulldogs totals: FG: 23; FT: 9/12; PTS: 57;

Three-point goals: Paynesville
(1): Michaelis 1;

Annandale outscored Paynesville in all but one quarter of last Friday nightís' game, leading them to a 61-40 victory over the Bulldogs.

Both teams combined had only fourteen fouls, Paynesville six and Annandale eight. Annandaleís height and the lack of calls put Paynesville at a definite disadvantage.

Paynesville scored just five points in the first quarter. Annandale lit it up, scoring three of their seven three- pointers in the first quarter alone.

In the second quarter of the game Annandale again shot strong from the field, scoring yet another two three-pointers.

Senior guard Amanda Lieser scored nine of her 16 points in the third quarter, in which the Bulldogs outscored Annandale 13-12.

Lieser led the Bulldogs, with 16 points and five steals. The Bulldogs play at St. Cloud Cathedral on Jan 9. Junior varsity play begins at 6:15 p.m., and varsity right after.

1st Quarter:
Annandale 17, Paynesville 5;
2nd: Annandale 17, Pville 10;
3rd: Annandale 12, Pville 13;
4th: Annandale 15, Pville 12;
Final: Annandale 61, Pville 40.

Bulldogs Scoring

Field Goals:
Tangen 3; Michaelis 21; A. Lieser 6; T. Lieser 2; Lindquiat 2; Benson 1;
Free Throws: Michaelis 2/2; Beek 1/1; A. Lieser 2/2; Lindquiat 1/1;
Points: Tangen 6, Michaelis 6; A. Lieser 16; Beek 1; T. Lieser 4; Benson 2; Lindquist 5;
Bulldogs totals: FG: 16; FT: 6/6; PTS: 40;

Three-point goals: Paynesville (2): A. Lieser 2;

Tangen 4; Michaelis 5; A. Lieser 6; Beek 2; Orbeck 4; Lindquist 5; Kascht 1; Benson 1; T. Lieser 4;
Assists: Michaelis 2; A. Lieser 2; Orbeck 2; Beek 3; Benson 1;
Steals: Tangen 3; Michaelis 1; A. Lieser 5; Beek 1; Orbeck 4;
Totals: Reb: 32; A: 10; S: 14;

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