Boys third in Holiday Tourney

This article submitted by Aaron Ziemer on 12/24/96.

The Bulldogs took third place in their Holiday Tournament by defeating the Ogilvie Lions 70-67 in overtime on Friday night in Paynesville.

For the second straight game, it came down to a last second shot at the end of the fourth quarter. Mike Gerber of Ogilvie hit a 14-foot shot at the buzzer to make it look as if the Bulldogs would lose their second straight game. However, the call was overturned by the other referee, who said the ball left Gerberís hand after the buzzer sounded. So the game went into overtime.

In overtime, Paynesville was able to win thanks to a three pointer by Grant Bowden and clutch free-throws by Joe Bergstrom and David Hemmesch.

Paynesville was led by Bowden with 21 points and Mike Stalboerger with 16 points.

The Lions leading scorers were Jeremy Morrison with 22 points and Gerber with 18.

The Bulldogs had problems starting the game in all three of their tournament games. This time, they were behind 20-13 at the end of the first quarter.

Just like in the other games, though, the Bulldogs battled back and took the lead during parts of the third and fourth quarter, before Ogilvie tied it up with less than a minute remaining.

Paynesvilleís defense, which had been fairly strong keeping their two previous opponents in the 50-point range, was much weaker. The Bulldogs defense gave up 64 at the end of regulation and 67 overall.

Throughout the game, both teams refused to give up, scratching their way back into the game when down by five points or more.

BBE defeated Braham 70-58 to win the championship and remain undefeated for the season.

1st Quarter:
Ogilvie 20, Paynesville 13;
2nd: Ogilvie 10, Pville 18;
3rd: Ogilvie 16, Pville 17;
4th: Ogilvie 21, Pville 22;
Final: Ogilvie 67, Pville 70.

Bulldogs Scoring

Field Goals:
Bowden 8/20; Stalboeger 5/13; Bergstrom 3/7; Hemmesch 2/8; Jenniges 5/12; Williams 2/4; Leo 1/3; Werlinger 1/1;
Free Throws: Bowden 1/4; Stalboerger 4/4; Bergstrom 3/3; Hemmesch 1/2;
Points: Bowden 21; Stalboerger 16; Bergstrom 9; Hemmesch 5; Jenniges 10; Williams 4; Leo 2; Werlinger 3;
Bulldogs totals: FG: 27/58; FT: 9/13; PTS: 70;

Three-point goals: Paynesville (7/15): Bowden 4/7; Stalboerger 2/6; Werlinger 1/1.

Bowden 3; Zweifel 1; Stalboerger 9; Bergstrom 2; Hemmesch 1; Jenniges 8; Williams 3; Werlinger 1;
Assists: Bowden 2; Stalboerger 1; Bergstrom 4; Williams 1; Werlinger 1;
Steals: Bowden 5; Stalboerger 3; Bergstrom 3; Jenniges 1;
Totals: Reb: 28; A: 14; S: 13;

The Bulldogs lost their second round tournament game to BBE 56-54 last Thursday night in Paynesville.

The game came down to a crucial final minute in the fourth quarter. The Jaguars were ahead 54-51 when Mike Stalboerger hit an off-balance three- pointer to tie the score at 54, with 18 seconds remaining. BBE guard Jeff Zenner (14 points) pushed the ball up the court where he made a bucket from about 16 feet, putting BBE ahead 56-54. Paynesville had one more chance, but Joe Bergstromís full court pass hit the curtain in the center of the gym, ending the game.

The Bulldogs were led by Grant Bowden for the second straight night, as he scored 13 points.

Also, for the second straight night the Bulldogs got off to a slow start getting themselves behind 16-11 at the end of the first quarter.

The Bulldogs mounted a comeback at the end of the first half, pulling within one point at the end of the first half 25-24.

However, down the stretch BBE wouldnít let Paynesville take the lead at any point in the game, and the last minute dramatics allowed the Jaguars to win the game.

ďIt was a tough loss for us. We believed we could have won the game, but our early turnovers killed us,Ē senior captain Mike Stalboerger said. ďWe have to keep our heads up and play hard the next couple of games.Ē

1st Quarter:
BBE 16, Paynesville 11;
2nd: BBE 9, Pville 13;
3rd: BBE 15, Pville 13;
4th: BBE 16, Pville 17;
Final: BBE 56, Pville 54.

Bulldogs Scoring

Field Goals:
Bowden 6/12; Stalboeger 4/9; Bergstrom 5/9; Hemmesch 2/3; Jenniges 3/7; Leo 2/4; Werlinger 1/2;
Free Throws: Bowden 1/1; Stalboerger 1/1; Bergstrom 1/2; Leo 2/2;
Points: Bowden 13; Stalboerger 11; Bergstrom 11; Hemmesch 4; Jenniges 6;Leo 6; Werlinger 3;

Bulldogs totals: FG: 20/48; FT: 5/7; PTS: 54;

BBE Totals:
FG: 221; FT: 6/17; PTS: 56;

Three-point goals: Paynesville (3/9): Stalboerger 2/4; Werlinger 1/2.

Bowden 4; Stalboerger 1; Bergstrom 7; Hemmesch 1; Jenniges 5; Leo 1; Williams 5; Werlinger 1;
Assists: Bowden 6; Bergstrom 6; Williams 5; Werlinger 1;
Steals: Bowden 3; Bergstrom 4; Hemmesch 21; Jenniges 4; Williams 2; Leo 2;
Totals: Reb: 25; A: 14; S: 17.
The Bulldogs started their Holiday Tournament off with a 69-54 win over the Christís Household of Faith (CHOF) Lions.

Paynesville was led by senior guard Grant Bowden, who had 23 points. Bowden was 11/12 from the floor with eight assists. Junior Ross Jenniges also had 21 points, with five blocked shots.

The Bulldogs gave up 21 of CHOFís eventual 54 points in the first quarter. Paynesvilleís defense looked close to what it looked like against LPGE, during the first quarter. However, after the first quarter, CHOF didnít score more than 12 points in a quarter.

Also, the Bulldogs ran through their offense better, getting 22 assists, which is a season high. Senior foward Mike Stalboerger had ten of those.

Paynesville also shot better, from the field, ending the night with 56 percent. The shot selection was also better. Paynesville didnít force up three-pointers like they had been doing during previous games.

CHOF came out hot, scoring 21 in the first quarter, but cooled off quickly and scored only 33 points in the three quarters. The Lions also got into foul trouble with Keith Okenstrom, who fouled out early in the second half. Okenstrom, who was one of CHOFís leading scorers, had thirteen points when he fouled out.

The Bulldogs evened their record at 2-2 with this victory.

1st Quarter:
CHOF 21, Paynesville 19;
2nd: CHOF 9, Pville 18;
3rd: CHOF 12, Pville 13;
4th: CHOF 12, Pville 19;
Final: CHOF 54, Pville 69.

Bulldogs Scoring

Field Goals:
Bowden 11/12; Stalboeger 1/8; Hemmesch 1/4; Jenniges 9/13; Williams 3/4; Leo 3/3; Werlinger 1/1; Jeff Meyer 1/1;
Free Throws: Stalboerger 1/3; Bergstrom 2/2; Jenniges 3/4; JOnes 2/2; Williams 2/2;
Points: Bowden 23; Stalboerger 3; Bergstrom 2; Hemmesch 2; Jenniges 21; Williams 7; Leo 6; Meyer 2; Werlinger 3; Jones 2; Hemmingson 2;
Bulldogs totals: FG: 30/54; FT: 10/13; PTS: 69;

Three-point goals: Paynesville (4/11): Bowden 1/2; Stalboerger 1/6; Werlinger 1/1; Bergstrom 0/1; Williams 1/1.

Bowden 3; Stalboerger 4; Bergstrom 3; Hemmesch 3; Jenniges 9; Leo 2; Williams 4; Werlinger 2;
Assists: Bowden 8; Stalboerger 10; Ziemer 1; Bergstrom 2; Williams 1;
Steals: Bowden 4; Stalboerger 2; Bergstrom 1; Hemmesch 1; Jenniges 4; Williams 1;
Totals: Reb: 31; A: 22; S: 13;

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