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Paynesville Press - December 25, 2002

Gymnasts win home triangular meet

By Mandy Mayer

The Paynesville gymnasts hosted a triangular meet on Thursday against Litchfield and Kimball. The mighty Bulldogs won the meet, getting their second and third victories of the season.

The final scores were: Paynesville 115.95; Litchfield 111.1; and Kimball 97.25.

s "Everybody came through in their routines," said coach Deb Nehowig. "We made great strides minimizing our falls on beam compared to the last meet."

Tessa Miller The girls did great on every event, placing four on the uneven bars, and three on the balance beam, on the vault, on the floor, and in the all around.

Eighth grader Nehowig placed third on vault, second on beam, first on floor, and first on bars. She had great routines on each piece of equipment, which put her in first place in the all-around competition.

Senior Tessa Miller took four seconds: on floor, on bars, on vault, and in the all-around competition. She also placed fourth on beam.

Sophomore Ashley Karger placed fifth on vault, fifth on floor, fifth on bars, and fourth in the all-around.

Senior Mandy Mayer placed third on beam and fourth on bars.

The gymnasts are now 3-3 for the season. They do not compete again until January.


Individual Results
Uneven bars: Ashley Karger (5) 6.4; Mandy Mayer (4) 6.7; Tessa Miller (2) 6.85; Kacy Nehowig (1) 8.6; TOTAL: Pay - 28.55;
Vault: Ashley Spanier 7.45; Karger (5) 7.95; Nehowig (3) 8.15; Miller (2) 8.2; TOTAL: Pay - 31.75;
Balance beam: Kayla Nelson 5.35; Miller (4) 6.7; Mayer (3) 6.8; Nehowig (2) 7.15; TOTAL: Pay - 26.0;
Floor: Maggie Frieler 6.6; Karger (5) 7.3; Miller (2) 7.7; Nehowig (1) 8.05; TOTAL: Pay - 29.65;
All around: Karger (4) 26.95; Miller (2) 29.45; Nehowig (1) 31.95.

NL-S 125.3, Paynesville 110.8
The Bulldogs had a disappointing night on Tuesday, Dec. 17, against the New London-Spicer Wildcats. The girls had a bad night all around and lost the meet 125.3-110.8.

The biggest problem for the Bulldogs was falling off the beam.

Eighth grader Kacy Nehowig placed in each individual event and third in the all-around competition. She was fifth on beam; fourth on floor; third on vault (scoring an 8.75); and second on bars, falling to NL-S gymnast Jen Guptill.

Senior Mandy Mayer was the only other Paynesville gymnast to place against NL-S. She placed fifth on bars and third on beam (with a 7.25).


Individual Results
Vault: Tessa Miller 7.8; Mandy Mayer 7.9; Ashley Karger 7.95; Kacy Nehowig (3) 8.75; TOTAL: Pay - 32.4; NL-S - 35.0;
Uneven bars: Karger 5.65; Miller 6.15; Mayer (5) 6.2; Nehowig (2) 7.8; TOTAL: Pay - 25.8; NL-S - 27.95;
Balance beam: Miller 5.8; Karger 5.9; Nehowig (5) 6.7; Mayer (3) 7.25; TOTAL: Pay - 25.65; NL-S - 30.0;
Floor: Katie Nelson 4.95; Karger 6.1; Miller 7.1; Nehowig (4) 7.45; TOTAL: Pay - 25.6; NL-S - 32.35;
All around: Karger 25.6; Miller 26.85; Nehowig (3) 30.7.

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