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Paynesville Press - December 21, 2005

Gymnasts take fifth at St. James

By Michael Jacobson

The Bulldogs gymnastics team took fifth place in the St. James Invite on Saturday.

Redwood Valley (128.225) won the five-team meet, with Maple Lake (120.0) second, St. James (116.85) third, Pipestone (114.425) fourth, and the Dogs (107.4) fifth.

The Dogs beat St. James on the balance beam, 24.55 to 24.2; otherwise, the Dogs took fifth on the other three apparatus.

kotten Ninth grader Anna Kotten was the only gymnast to place, taking second on the uneven bars (8.2) and fourth in the all around (31.55).

Ninth grader Anna Kotten recorded three firsts in a dual meet at St. James on Friday night: first on bars, first on beams, and first in the all around.

Two gymnasts added new skills into their routines at the meet, increasing the difficulty of their routines, according to coach Deb Nehowig. Sophomore Cassey Lund added a back tuck to her floor routine, helping her to score 7.0, and junior Celia Frieler added a long hang kip on the uneven bars, helping her to score 5.05.

St. James Invite
Redwood Valley 128.225
Maple Lake 120.0
St. James 116.85
Pipestone 114.425
Paynesville 107.4

Individual Results
Vault: Anna Kotten 8.4; Megan Wuertz 7.9; Cassey Lund 7.75; Brittney Spanier 7.65; Caitlyn Gottwald 7.55 TOTAL: Pay - 31.75 (5);

Uneven bars: Kotten (2) 8.2; Spanier 7.1; Celia Frieler 5.05; Wuertz 3.9; TOTAL: Pay - 24.25 (5);

Balance beam: Kotten 7.4; Frieler 6.0; Gottwald 5.6; Lund 5.55; Spanier 5.45; TOTAL: Pay - 24.55 (4);

Floor: Kotten 7.55; Lund 7.0; Frieler 6.2; Spanier 6.1; Wuertz 5.55; TOTAL: Pay - 26.85 (5);

All around: Kotten (4) 31.55.

St. James 116.25, Dogs 108.7
The Dogs lost a dual meet against St. James on Friday night despite winning their first apparatus on the year. The Dogs outscored St. James on the balance beam 27.2-25.5, but the Saints won the other three apparatuses and won the meet 116.25-108.675. Ninth grader Anna Kotten won two events and the all-around competition, her first varsity firsts. She scored 8.0 to win the bars, 8.0 to win the beam, and 32.35 to win the all around. She also placed second on the floor (8.1) and third on the vault (8.25). "Once again, Anna had a great night," said Nehowig. "She scored a personal best on beam, reaching an 8.0 for the first time. She has been a consistent competitor, scoring over 32 points in all around. Her goal is to break 33 this season."

Kotten's first-place routine on the beam helped the Dogs win that apparatus for the first time. Senior Kayla Nelson (7.2) placed third on the beam, and junior Celia Frieler (6.1) placed fifth, giving the Dogs three of the top five places.

Nelson also placed fourth on the floor exercise (7.4), and sophomore Brittney Spanier (6.5) placed fifth on the uneven bars.

St. James outscored the Dogs 32.35 to 31.075 on the vault, 30.3 to 28.9 on the floor, and 28.1 to 21.5 on the bars, which is a weak spot for the Dogs without junior Kacy Nehowig, who went to state last year on the bars but is out with a hip injury right now.

"The uneven bars are definitely weak for us right now," said coach Nehowig. "Otherwise, we were right there with St. James in the other three events."

St. James--116.25

Individual Results
Vault: Anna Kotten (3) 8.25; Megan Wuertz 7.65; Cassey Lund 7.6; Brittney Spanier 7.575; Caitlyn Gottwald 7.45; TOTAL: Pay - 31.075; SJ - 32.35;

Uneven bars: Kotten (1) 8.0; Spanier (5) 6.5; Wuertz 3.6; Frieler 3.4; TOTAL: Pay - 21.5; SJ - 28.1;

Balance beam: Kotten (1) 8.0; Kayla Nelson (3) 7.2; Frieler (5) 6.1; Spanier 5.9; Gottwald 5.1 TOTAL: Pay - 27.2; SJ - 25.5;

Floor: Kotten (2) 8.1; Nelson (5) 7.4; Lund 6.8; Frieler 6.55; Gottwald 6.55; TOTAL: Pay - 28.9; SJ - 30.3;

All around: Kotten (1) 32.35.

Benson 131.5, Dogs 109.05
The Bulldogs lost to Benson in a conference meet 131.5-109.05 on Tuesday, Dec. 13. The Braves, always a conference power, are expected to challenge state-power Melrose for the conference title.

Benson outscored the Dogs on all four apparatuses, including sweeping all five spots on the floor. The Dogs' best team score was on the vault, where they scored 32.0.

Kotten was the only Bulldog gymnast to place, taking second on the uneven bars (8.2), third in the all around (32.15), fourth on the vault (8.24), and fourth on the beam (7.8).

Nehowig noted that Nelson topped seven again on the floor exercise, reaching that mark in back-to-back meets after averaging 6.8 on the floor last year.


Individual Results
Vault: Anna Kotten (4) 8.24; Megan Wuertz 8.05; Cassey Lund 7.9; Brittney Spanier 7.8; Caitlyn Gottwald 7.625; TOTAL: Pay - 32.0; Ben - 34.125;

Uneven bars: Kotten (2) 8.2; Spanier 6.15; Wuertz 4.1; Celia Frieler 4.0; TOTAL: Pay - 22.45; Ben - 30.975;

Balance beam: Kotten (4) 7.8; Kayla Nelson 6.95; Frieler 6.75; Spanier 5.25; Gottwald 4.35; TOTAL: Pay - 26.75; Ben - 32.1;

Floor: Kotten 7.9; Nelson 7.35; Lund 6.6; Frieler 6.0; Gottwald 5.75; TOTAL: Pay - 27.85; Ben - 34.3;

All around: Kotten (3) 32.15.

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