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Paynesville Press - December 20, 2006

Gymnasts fall to Benson, at tourney

By Michael Jacobson

The Bulldogs started strong against Benson at home last week, scoring 58 points on the vault and bars, but they scored only 47 points on the beam and floor and lost the conference match 116.925-105.7.

Senior Tanis Beireis "We started out great on vault and bars with a combined score of 58.40," said coach Deb Nehowig. "We just need to work harder on increasing our floor and beam scores." The Dogs scored a season high on the uneven bars with 26.15, noted Nehowig.

Senior Tanis Beireis - shown during her bars dismount - scored a personal best on the uneven bars (6.1) at the Snowflake Invite in St. James on Saturday, also competing in the all-around for the Dogs.

Senior Kacy Nehowig won all four individual events and the all-around competition for Paynesville.

Eighth grader Caitlyn Gottwald edged senior Brittney Spanier for fifth in the all around by a tenth of a point. Gottwald also placed fourth on the floor exercise, fifth on the balance beam, and fifth on the vault. Spanier placed fourth on the bars and on the vault.

This week, the Dogs will travel to Maple Lake on Thursday for their last match before the Christmas break.

Benson --116.925

Individual Results
Vault: Kacy Nehowig (1) 8.75; Brittney Spanier (4) 8.15; Caitlyn Gottwald (5) 8.1; Tanis Beireis 7.25; TOTAL: Pay - 32.25;

Uneven bars: Nehowig (1) 8.45; Spanier (4) 7.25; Beireis 5.6; Gottwald 4.85; TOTAL: Pay - 26.15;

Balance beam: Nehowig (1) 7.65; Gottwald (5) 6.3; Spanier 4.95; Beireis 4.05; Talisha Zimmerman 2.55; TOTAL: Pay - 22.95;

Floor: Nehowig (1) 8.35; Gottwald (4) 6.9; Spanier 5.7; Zimmerman 3.4; TOTAL: Pay - 24.35;

All around: Nehowig (1) 33.2; Gottwald (5) 26.15; Spanier 26.05.

St. James Tourney
The Dogs took fifth place, out of five teams, at the Snowflake Invite hosted by St. James on Saturday.

Redwood Valley won three events (balance beam, floor exercise, and uneven bars) in winning the team title by nearly 10 points over Maple Lake and host St. James.

The Saints won the vault with a team score of 35.5.

The Dogs finished fifth on each apparatus. They came the closest to outscoring an opponent on the vault, where they were a half point behind fourth-place Pipestone. They were two and a half points behind the field on beam, three points behind the field on bars, and four points behind the field on floor.

Senior Kacy Nehowig was the only PAHS gymnast to place, finishing third on the bars, sixth on the floor, and sixth in the all around.

A highlight for the Dogs was senior Tanis Beireis scoring a personal best on the bars (6.1).

Beireis, eighth grader Caitlyn Gottwald, Nehowig, and senior Brittney Spanier all competed in the all around for Paynesville. Beireis added an uprise on the bars, Gottwald added a back tuck on floor, Nehowig added a new release on bars, and Spanier added a new mount on the bars at this meet.

Team Scores Individual Results
1. Redwood Valley 133.575
2. Maple Lake 123.7
3. St. James 122.825
4. Pipestone 119.3
5. Paynesville 106.6

Individual Results
Vault: Kacy Nehowig 8.7; Brittney Spanier 8.15; Caitlyn Gottwald 8.1; Tanis Beireis 7.5; TOTAL: Pay - 32.45 (5); St. James - 35.5 (1);

Uneven bars: Nehowig (3) 8.45; Beireis 6.1; Spanier 5.95; Gottwald 5.0; TOTAL: Pay - 25.5 (5); RV - 33.275(1);

Balance beam: Nehowig (9) 7.35; Gottwald 6.3; Spanier 5.4; Beireis 4.9; Talisha Zimmerman 4.3; TOTAL: Pay - 23.95 (5); RV - 32.2 (1);

Floor: Nehowig (6) 8.3; Gottwald 6.7; Spanier 5.95; Beireis 3.75; Zimmerman 3.15; TOTAL: Pay - 24.7 (5); RV - 33.55 (1);

All around: Nehowig (6) 32.8; Gottwald 26.1; Spanier 25.45; Beireis 22.25.

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