Grymnasts keep racking up points

This article submitted by Maria Wegner on 12/17/96.

The Paynesville gymnasts outscored the Litchfield Dragons on all four apparatus, improving on their last meet's score by three points. The final score was 122.8-103.55.

The Bulldogs are now 2-0 during West Central Conference competition. This was a conference meet, therefore it counts for conference points and standings.

Once again Paynesville pulled ahead early, winning the first event, bars, by ten points. Starting the team off well was Lori Thomes, who added some new skills to her bar routine. Her score helped to set up the rest of the teamís scores. Krysta Larson also had a nice routine, which earned her fifth place. Camille Flanders performed a sole circle over the low bar for the first time in a meet. Flanders placed third. Sara Spanier swung her way into second place, with a flowing routine. After having problems with her mount, Maria Wegner came back with a flowing routine and a first place finish.

The Bulldogs gymnasts increased their lead by doing well on the vault, outscoring the Dragons 32.2-30.25. Beginning the rotation were Jen Moser and Tracy Miller, who had tight vaults. Wegner, who had breaks in both of her vaults, placed fourth. Larson performed an excellent vault that landed her in second place. Spanier nailed her second vault, taking first place.

After two events, the Bulldogs were ahead 60.8-48.45. The Paynesville gymnasts did not know how much they were ahead, but could tell that as long as they did not have any big disasters, they could win.

Keeping their focus, Paynesville moved on to the balance beam. Moser had a nice no fall routine, which earned her fifth place. Wegner fell once, but recovered well and finished with a nice routine. She placed third. Earning first place was Spanier, who once again performed well.

Paynesville ran, or rather tumbled, into a few problems during their floor routines. Most of the gymnastsí tumbling was lower than normal, yet their scores were improved from last weekís meet. Moser tied for fourth place. Larson, after having problems with her second tumbling pass, came back strong and placed third. Wegner placed second after also having had troubles with her second tumbling pass. Spanier danced her way into first.

All around standings were: Larson third, Wegner second and Spanier first. All three gymnasts had nice scores.

Gymnasts of the Meet for varsity were: Moser for a tight vault, no fall beam routine, and nice floor routine; Larson for a nice vault; Thomes for a marathon length bar routine; Flanders for a sole circle over the low bar and a nice jump- half turn mount on beam; Wegner for a good second effort on her bars mount; and Spanier for a no fall beam routine.

The coaches were pleased with final score of the meet but feel that the gymnasts can improve on the score, if they clean up their performances.

The Paynesville gymnasts had a meet last night against Morris, which was Parents Night. Results will be in next week's Press. Their last meet before Christmas is this Thursday against Kimball, with the junior varsity meet starting at 6:30 p.m., and varsity following after that.

Paynesville: 122.80
LPGE: 103.55


Jen Moser: 7.40
Krysta Larson: 8.40
Maria Wegner: 7.75
Sara Spanier: 8.65
Total: 32.20

Litch Total:30.25

Balance Beam:

Moser: 7.05
Wegner: 7.200
Larson: 7.30
Spanier 8.20
Total: 29.75

Litch Total: 26.30

Moser: 7.65
Wegner: 8.15
Larson: 7.75
Spanier: 8.70
Total: 32.25

LPGE Total: 28.80

Uneven Bars
Larson: 6.00
Spanier: 7.45
Flanders: 7.00
Wegner: 8.15
Total: 28.60

Litch Total: 18.20

All Around
Larson: 29.45
Wegner: 31.25
Spanier: 32.45

Junior Varsity

The junior varsity also defeated Litchfield, but their meet was considerably closer, with the score ending up 85.55-84.05. The Bulldogs pulled ahead on the bars, but lost ground during their floor routines.

In the vault competition, Joy Hemmesch placed fifth with a 6.30. Michelle Wolbeck had a nice vault, placing fourth, that earned her a 6.5. Camille Flanders had tight legs during her vault, and earned third place and a 6.6. In second place was Jenni Mayer with a 6.6. Kelli Fenske had a 6.8 for first place.

All of the gymnasts on bars swung well. Wolbeck had a nice routine that earned her a 3.4 and fifth place. Jen Moser placed fourth with a 3.5. Carrie Nistler was third, having scored a 3.7. Swinging her way into first place was Hemmesch, with a 5.8.

Placing was scarce for the Bulldogs gymnasts on beam. Tying for fifth was Tracy Miller, with a 5.9. Amanda Reeck placed first with a nice routine that scored a 6.1.

None of the Bulldog gymnasts placed in the top five on floor, but everyone did a nice job.

Wolbeck won another junior varsity all around competition and improved her score by three points.

Junior varsity Gymnasts of the Meet were: Wolbeck for a back tuck dismount off of the beam and her improved all around score; Mandi Granzow for a no fall beam routine; Fenske for a no fall beam routine with nice cartwheels; Reeck for a no handed two foot take off mount; Hemmesch for a gainer dismount off of the side of the beam and a continuous bar routine; Rachael Koehn for doing a back handspring during her floor routine; Flanders for tight legs during her vault; and Mayer for a fly-away dismount off of bars.

Exhibition gymnasts of the meet were awarded to: Koehn for an aerial dismount off of beam; and Nistler for a no fall beam routine and for doing a back handspring during her floor routine.

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