Girls have rough week, drop two

This article submitted by Nicole Orbeck on 12/17/96.

The Lady Bulldogs had a rough week, losing two home games. On Monday, Dec. 9, the Bulldogs hosted the New London-Spicer Wildcats and lost, 45-28.

Difficulty shooting and sloppy passing from both teams in the first quarter got the game off to a slow start.

Steph Tangen scored the first basket of the game and drew a foul to get things rolling. Tangen scored all but two of the first quarter points, which came from Amber Michaelis.

The Wildcats allowed only six points in the second quarter. Amanda Lieser sunk a three pointer, and Michaelis sunk one of her own the possesion after, to make the quarter's only six points.

The Bulldogs were sent to the locker room at halftime trailing by only four, 17-13.

Lindsay Lieser of the Wildcats lit it up in the third quarter, sinking back to back threes. The Wildcats held the Bulldogs to fifteen points in the second half of the ball game, as they scored sixteen of their own in the third, and twelve in the fourth.

The Bulldogs were led by Tangen, with eleven points, four rebounds and two steals.

1st Quarter:
NLS 10, Paynesville 8;
2nd: NLS 7, Pville 6;
3rd: NLS 16, Pville 8;
4th: NLS 12, Pville 7;
Final: NLS 45, Pville 28.

Bulldogs Scoring

Field Goals:
Tangen 4; Michaelis 2; Lieser 2; Beek 1; Lindquist 1;
Free Throws: Tangen 3-5; Michaelis 3-5;
Points: Tangen 11, Michaelis 8; Lieser 5; Beek 2; Lindquist 2;
Bulldogs totals: FG: 10; FT: 6-10; PTS: 28;

Three-point goals: Paynesville (2):Michaelis 1, Lieser 1;

Tangen 4; Michaelis 5; Lieser 2; Beek 5; Orbeck 1; Lindquist 2; Kacht 1; Benson 1;
Assists: Tangen 1; Michaelis 1; Lieser 1;
Steals: Tangen 2; Michaelis 1; Lieser 1;
Totals: Reb: 23; A: 3; S: 6;

The Bulldogs ended the week with a close conference loss, 44-37, to the Long Prairie-Grey Eagle Thunder on Thursday night.

Tangen, who led the Bulldogs with fifteen points, scored the only three points of the first quarter.

The Bulldogs outscored the Thunder in the second quarter, 15-10. Eight of these points came from behind the line, as Tangen shot 6-6 and Amber Michaelis was 2-4. Michaelis and Tangen combined for the fifteen points of the second quarter.

The Bulldogs headed to the locker room with a one point lead over the Thunder, 18-17.

Once again the lead changed hands as the Thunder outscored the Bulldogs in the third quarter, 15-13.

Tangen and Michaelis fouled out in the last seconds of the fourth quarter, as the Bulldogs fouled the Thunder in a final attempt to pull out a win.

The Bulldogs played at Melrose last night and will travel to Annandale on Friday. Game time is 6:00 p.m. for junior varsity, so varsity time is expected to be a little earlier also. Results of both games will run in next week's Press.

1st Quarter:
LPGE 7, Paynesville 3;
2nd: LPGE 10, Pville 15;
3rd: LPGE 15, Pville 13;
4th: LPGE 12, Pville 6;
Final: LPGE 44, Pville 37.

Bulldogs Scoring

Field Goals:
Tangen 4; Michaelis 2; Lieser 1; Orbeck 1; Benson 2;
Free Throws: Tangen 7-11; Michaelis 2-4; Lieser 4-4; Beek 2-2;
Points: Tangen 15, Michaelis 7; Lieser 7; Beek 2; Orbeck 2; Benson4;
Bulldogs totals: FG: 10; FT: 15-21; PTS: 37;

Three-point goals: Paynesville (2):Michaelis 1, Lieser 1;

Tangen 5; Michaelis 5; A. Lieser 4; Beek 3; Orbeck 2; Lindquist 2; Kascht 1; Benson 3; T. Lieser 2;
Assists: Lieser 2; Beek 1;
Steals: Tangen 3; Michaelis 5; Lieser 1; Orbeck 3; Beek 1; Benson 2; Kascht 1;
Totals: Reb: 25; A: 3; S: 16.

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