Boys netters drop two

This article submitted by Aaron Ziemer on 12/17/96.

The Bulldogs finished the week with a 100-74 loss to LPGE on Friday night.

Paynesville was led by Ross Jenniges with 17 points. Mike Stalboerger also had 13, but it wasn't enough as the Thunder were led by Brian Hartwig, who scored 30 points.

LPGE scored the first ten points of the game as Nate Grove hit a big three- pointer to start the game off.

"The ten to zero run at the beginning, for LPGE, really made it hard for us to catch up all night," said senior captain Grant Bowden.

At the end of the first half the score was 48-32. During the first half it seemed that Paynesville wasn't ready to play, as the Thunder out hustled the Bulldogs.

LPGE scored 52 points in the second half to reach 100 total points for the game.

The Thunder had seven different players hit three-pointers: John Drevlow, Nate Grove, Brian Hartwig, Andy Laumeyer, Harrison Hanson, Adam Gustafson and Sam Poegel.

At the beginning of the second half Paynesville attempted to come out strong, but Hartwig and company were just to much too handle.

The game got a little out of hand in the second half and LPGE began to pull ahead by out hustling the Bulldogs and using their ability to hit the three pointers.

Paynesville was plagued by turnovers all night as LPGE walked away with the victory.

1st Quarter:
LPGE 24, Paynesville 13;
2nd: LPGE 24, Pville 19;
3rd: LPGE 24, Pville 21;
4th: LPGE 28, Pville 21;
Final: LPGE 100, Pville 74.

Bulldogs Scoring

Field Goals:
Bowden 3/8; Stalboeger 5/10; Zwiefel 0/1; Bergstrom 4/9; Hemmesch 4/6; Jenniges 6/9; Williams 1/2; Leo 2/3; Werlinger 2/3;
Free Throws: Zwiefel 3/4; Bergstrom 2/2; Hemmesch 3/5; Jenniges 5/8; Mayer 1/2; Werlinger 2/2;
Points: Bowden 7; Stalboerger 13; Zwiefel 3; Bergstrom 9; Hemmesch 11; Jenniges 17; Williams 2; Leo 4; Mayer 1; Werlinger 7;
Bulldogs totals: FG: 20/51; FT: 116/23; PTS: 74;

LPGE Totals:
FG: 31; FT: 17/28; PTS: 100;

Three-point goals: Paynesville (5/19): Bowden 1/6; Stalboerger 3/8; Werlinger 1/1; Bergstrom 1/3.

Bowden 1; Stalboerger 8; Bergstrom 1; Hemmesch 1; Jenniges 7; Leo 5; Meyer 1; Williams 4; Werlinger 1;
Assists: Bowden 6; Stalboerger 3; Bergstrom 2; Hemmesch 1; Jenniges 1; Williams 1; Werlinger 3;
Steals: Bowden 1; Bergstrom 3; Jenniges 1; Williams 1; Werlinger 1;
Totals: Reb: 28; A: 17; S: 17;

The Bulldogs had their first West Central Conference game on Monday, Dec. 9. They played the Litchfield Dragons and lost, 59-52.

Paynesville was led in scoring by Michael Stalboerger, who had 19 points. Stalboerger was eight for 15 from the floor shooting, including two for four from the three point line.

The Dragons were led by Mike Grossinger who had a career high 20 points as he hit four three-pointers, including one in the fourth that sealed the Bulldogs' fate.

Paynesville accomplished many positive things from this loss to Litchfield. The Bulldogs held the Dragons' sharp shooting freshman Alex Carlson to a season low of 13 points.

"I thought that our defense was quite good and the team desire was good for being on the road this early in the year," said Paynesville head coach Darrel Carstens.

The Bulldogs had problems getting an offense established in the first half, which led to them being down by six at the end of the first half (32-26).

The game was very low scoring compared to the ACGC game, when the Bulldogs were able to score 88 points, but this was a conference game against Litchfield, a much stronger opponent.

Paynesville was able to come back and take a one point lead at the end of the third quarter, but couldnít hold it due to Grossingerís shooting.

Grossingerís three-pointers and a couple of late free throws helped the Dragons get the seven-point victory.

1st Quarter:
Litchfield 16, Paynesville 12;
2nd: Litch 16, Pville 14;
3rd: Litch 7, Pville 14;
4th: Litch 20, Pville 12;
Final: Litch 59, Pville 52.

Bulldogs Scoring

Field Goals:
Bowden 1; Stalboeger 8; Bergstrom 2; Hemmesch 2; Jenniges 3; Williams 1; Leo 2; Werlinger 2;
Free Throws: Bowden 2; Stalboerger 1; Hemmesch 2; Jenniges 1;
Points: Bowden 4; Stalboerger 19; Bergstrom 4; Hemmesch 61; Jenniges 7; Williams 2; Leo 4; Werlinger 6;
Bulldogs totals: FG: 21/42; FT: 6/13; PTS: 52;

Three-point goals: Paynesville (4): Stalboerger 2/4; Werlinger 2/2;
Bowden 1; Stalboerger 5; Bergstrom 1; Hemmesch 8; Jenniges 8; Leo 3; Werlinger 1;
Assists: Bowden 5; Stalboerger 4; Bergstrom 4; Hemmesch 1; Werlinger 1;
Steals: Bowden 4; Bergstrom 2; Hemmesch 3; Williams 2; Werlinger 1;
Totals: Reb: 27; A: 15; S: 12.

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