Girls hockey: Win second game of new season

This article submitted by Courtney Karsch on 12/16/97.

On Dec. 9, the River Lakes Stars played Eagan on Eagan's home ice. With the absence of a couple of players, the girls had a pretty rough game.

Let's just say the girls had fun and they never let the score get to them. The final score was River Lakes 0 and Eagan 11.

The Stars later learned Eagan was rated third in the state. They have been skating together five to seven years while the Stars had been together for about two months.

,b>Columbia Heights
The Stars played Columbia Heights on Columbia's home ice on Dec. 12. Before the game, Coach Valerie VanBeusekom told the girls Columbia was an even match up.

Shortly after the first period began, Courtney Karsch scored her first goal which was assisted by Kari Turkowski. The second and third goals went to Natalie Rinn (Rocori). Her first goal was unassisted and her second one was assisted by Mary Beth Johannes. The fourth and last goal scored in the first period went to Karsch who again was assisted by Turkowski. The final score of the period was: Stars 4, Columbia Heights 0.

The second period was just as fun as the first. The Stars only had one goal, which was scored by Melissa Jungles.

The third period was probably the most fun. The first goal and only goal of the period was scored by Jager and assisted by Lentner and Turkowski. To the Stars' surprise, they didn't have any penalties in that period.

River Lakes : 4 1 1 --6
Columbia Hgts: 0 0 0 --0

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