Volleyball team loses last game to Kimball

This article submitted by Sarah Nelson on 11/5/96.

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, the Paynesville volleyball team battled and lost to the Kimball Cubs to advance to the next playoff game against New London-Spicer.

The Cubs had the home court advantage over the Bulldogs, but the pep band and lots of fans were greatly appreciated by the volleyball team.

Nerves took over in the first game for the Bulldogs, who lost 15-1. The girls werenít too happy with how they played, and picked things up in the next three games. They lost the second game 15-6, and won the third, 15-5.

The fourth game was a close one, but the girls couldnít find the win. They lost, 15-10.

Michelle Glenz played a great game with 21 hits and six kills, along with an ace block for the Bulldogs. Krista Fuchs also had a good hitting game with 14 hits and four kills and an ace block. Jill Spanier, Sheri Lieser, and Steph Tangen were tough defensively with a total of 65 defensive digs. Sara Spanier and Sarah Nelson combined for a total of 14 ace assists.

The season was a rough one for the team, but a lot of fun. It was the last game for seniors Jill Spanier, Tangen, Fuchs, Glenz, Sheri Lieser, and Nelson.

Returning next season for the Bulldogs are: juniors Sara Spanier, Stephanie Mueller, Stacy Roberg, sophomore Laura Mages, freshmen Tanya Lieser and Carrie Hemmesch.

The volleyball team would like to thank all the friends, family, fans, and the pep band for cheering them on throughout the season.

Kimball-------15--15--05 --15

Carrie Hemmesch 4-5; Stephanie Mueller 42-3; Sarah Nelson 6-8; Jill Spanier 10-10, 2 aces; Sara Spanier 8-8; Steph Tangen 7-8, 2 aces; Sheri Lieser 8-9; Laura Mages 3-4;
Hitting: Tanya Lieser 4-5, 1 ace; Tangen 9-12, 2 aces; Krista Fuchs 14-17, 4 aces; Michelle Glenz 21-22, 6 aces; S. Lieser 7-11, 2 aces; Mages 5-8; Stacy Roberg 1-1, 1 ace;
Tips: Fuchs 3-6, 1 ace; T. Lieser 3-3, 2 aces; S. Lieser 2-2;
Blocks: Fuchs 2-2, 1 ace; T. Lieser 1-1, 1 ace; Glenz 1-1, 1 ace;
Assists: Nelson 8; S. Spanier 6;
Digs: Hemmesch 13-14; Mueller 3-6; J. Spanier 23-24; Tangen 21-28; Mages 9-10; S. Lieser 24-34; T. Lieser 7-8.

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