Jaycees Supershot contest held in Paynesville

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/13/98.

More than 40 young athletes in grades four through nine competed in the Minnesota Jaycees Supershot Region competition in Paynesville Saturday.

Athletes from Willmar, Ortonville, and Paynesville put their skills to the test. Each contestant had seven positions from which to shoot on the basketball court. Two from under the basket, two near the free throw line, two from the base line and another from the free throw line. The contestants were given one minute to see how many baskets they could hit from the seven positions.

The top two place finishers at the region competition advance to the state contest which will be held on Feb. 1 at the Stillwater High School.

Paynesville winners are:
Fourth grade: girls, second, 17 points, Brooke Schmitz, Paynesville; and fourth, four points, Allyson Klenke, Paynesville; boys, third, 14 points, Ross Barten, Paynesville.
Fifth grade: girls, second, 15 points, Kim Hess, Paynesville; and fourth, 12 points, Val Callenius, Paynesville;
Sixth grade: boys, second, 22 points, Tyler Kochmann, Paynesville;
Seventh grade: girls, fourth, 18 points, Jenny Berg, Paynesville; boys, Josh Teicher, 28 points, Paynesville;
Eighth grade: girls, second, 21 points, Stacie Lieser, Paynesville; and fourth, nine, Jen Hess, Paynesville; boys, first, 28 points, Wes Lieser, Paynesville; and second, 14 points, Ryan Whitcomb, Paynesville.
Ninth grade: girls, first, 20 points, Melody Veldkamp, Paynesville; boys, second, 16 points, Brian Stelling, Paynesville.

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