Girls hockey: Downs Prior Lake 5-3

This article submitted by Courtney Karsch on 1/13/98.

On Saturday, Jan. 10, the River Lake Stars played Prior Lake on home ice.

Close to the end of the first period, Prior Lake scored the first goal of the game.

The Stars were on fire during the second period, scoring two goals and giving the Stars a 2-1 lead. Prior Lake also scored making it a 2 to 2 game. The Stars had a total of 21 shots on goal in the second period.

The Stars and Prior Lake each scored in the third period to made it a 3 to 3 tie. Well, the Stars werenít finished yet, within minutes the Stars scored two more goals to win 5-3.

River Lakes: 0 2 3 -5
Prior Lake: 1 1 1 -3

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