No thirty-pointers in the Paynesville area

This article submitted by Molly Connors on 11/26/96.

So far, the deer season has gone "as expected," said the DNR's Dave Schad.

There has been a lower harvest so far. This is partly a result of last yearís severe winter weather, which limited hunting in northern Minnesota to bucks only. The deer harvest is between 60 and 70 percent off, according to Schad. The hardest hit areas donít have as many deer, and the conditions are worse ďthe farther north you go,Ē Schad said.

There is no truth to the rumors that the DNR will expand the hunting season because of the poor weather conditions, Schad said.

Locally, Lee Schmidt at The Outdoor Store said the registration numbers are down from last year, but not below average. During the first weekend this year, 193 hunters registered their deer at The Outdoor Store. Last year, 217 were registered.

The bad weather during the second weekend -- rain on Saturday and a cold, windy, icy Sunday -- also brought the numbers down, Schmidt said.

Although the more publicized hunting season is over, everyoneís not finished. The bow hunting season, which opened on Sept. 14, runs through Dec. 31. The muzzle loading season begins on Nov. 30 and ends on Dec. 15.

Registration numbers
Belgrade Standard (guns only):
Nov 9-10: 180 total, 100 bucks, 80 does; Nov. 15-18: 85 total, 30 bucks, 55 does;
Graystone Mini Mart, Cold Spring (guns only): 65 (total of both weekends);
Super America, Cold Spring: Nov. 9-10: 170; Nov. 15-18: no count kept;
Mikeís Bait Shop, Eden Valley: Nov. 9-10: 177, Nov 15-18: 118;
The Outdoor Store, Paynesville: Nov. 9-10: 193 total, 42 bucks, 45 fawn bucks, 75 does, 39 doe fawns; Nov. 15-18: 193 total, 97 bucks, 27 buck fawns, 48 does, 21 fawn does;
Nehring Locker, Paynesville: 48 (total of both weekends);
Southside Truck Stop, Richmond (guns only): Nov. 9-10: 164 total; Nov. 15-18: 44 total.

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