Stars start season with losses

This article submitted by Jenny Habben on 11/22/00.

Girls hockey The River Lakes Stars girls' hockey team played their first game on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at the Paynesville Civic Arena. The Stars played hard but lost to Fergus Falls 7-0.

Fergus Falls scored four goals in the first period. They scored their first goal four minutes into the game.

The Stars tried to stop the opposing team from getting any more goals but were having some difficulties with their positioning. The Stars kept the score at 1-0 for most of the period, but Fergus Falls scored three times over four minutes near the end of the period.

Jessica Andrie (12) clear the puck from their zone. Behind her are Amber Schulzetenberger (13), Karen Hofner (16), and goalie Trisha Wendlandt, who made 27 saves in her first start in goal.

One of those goals came when the Stars were short-handed, after a player was penalized for hooking.

The Stars had four shots on goal in the first period, whereas the speedy skaters from Fergus Falls had 14.

The Stars went to the locker room determined to come back out and score some goals. They were unable to do this, but they kept Fergus to one goal in the second period. The Stars were only able to get two shots on goal in the second period. Fergus Falls outshot them with 11 on goal.

Fergus scored two more goals in the third period. The Stars were again short-handed when the referees called another hooking penalty on a defensive player.

The Stars were unable to get any shots off in this period.

Two skaters had hat tricks for Fergus Falls. Jackie Edwards, a senior wing, and Leah Graff, a junior wing, each scored three times for Fergus.

A bright spot for the Stars was Trisha Wendlandt's performance in her first time in goal. She faced 34 shots in the net and made 27 saves.

"Playing goalie is a lot of fun but there was also a lot of pressure with it," Wendlandt said.

Coach Tom Petrowski said, "The enthusiasm of the girls was evident throughout the entire game. Our position play improved as the game progressed, and we were much more successful in our overall team play."

Fergus Falls--4 1 2 - 7
River Lakes--0 0 0 - 0

First Period: Goals (assists): FF - Leah Graff (Genie Fischer, Katrina Kerlin); FF - Jackie Edwards (Rebekah Thompson, Kerlin); FF - Graff (Sarah Tuel, Fischer); FF - Edwards (Thomp-son, Ashley Kroneman);
Second Period: Goals: FF- Tuel (Trina Brennan);
Third Period: Goals: FF-Edwards (Kroneman); FF - Graff (Tuel, Brennan).

Woodbury 10
River Lakes 0
The Stars travelled to Woodbury on Saturday, Nov. 18. The River Lakes players skated hard but lost 10-0.

Wendlandt started in goal. She made great saves and Woodbury was unable to score on her within the first ten minutes of the first period.

With less than five minutes left a Woodbury player was able to get the puck in the net. Woodbury scored again with less than 49 seconds on the clock for the period.

The Stars were unable to stop Woodbury from scoring in the second period. Woodbury was able to score four more. Woodbury received a penalty in this period, but the Stars were unable to score during their power play advantage.

Crystal Songetay saw her first action in goal in the third period. "I was extremely nervous, and I kept thinking that I would let the team down," she said.

In the third period, Woodbury again scored four goals because the Stars defense started to fall apart.

The Stars were very disappointed with the loss, but everyone thought they played hard.

"Even though we lost it was fun being out there." said sophomore Jessica Andrie.

Woodbury--2 4 4 - 10
River Lakes--0 0 0 - 0

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