Young athletes put their skills to a test

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 11/18/97.

More than 50 young athletes from the Paynesville area competed Tuesday, Nov. 11, in the Paynesville Jaycees Supershot.

The competitors had one minute to see how many baskets they could make from seven different points on the basketball court.

The top place finisher was presented with a trophy. Second through fourth place winners were given medals. The top two finishers will advance to the region competition on Jan. 10 in Paynesville.

The top four place finishers and their scores are:
Fourth grade: BoysóRoss Barten, 29; James Paul, 23; Ryan Hess, 22; and John Hemingson, 18. GirlsóBrook Schmitz, 20; Alison Klenke, 15; Cassandra Lounsbury, 14; Jessica Kotten, 13.

Fifth grade: Boysó Mitchell Mackedanz, 43; Chris Beier, 26; Jonathan Younkin, 15; Mitchell Callenius, 12. GirlsóKim Hess, 31; Valerie Callenius, 19; Brittany Lieser, 18; and Kayla Mackedanz, 17.

Sixth grade: BoysóRoss Jaeger, 42; Tyler Kochmann, 31; Jordan Haag, 24; Andrew Ainsley, 20. GirlsóJessica Paul, 23.

Seventh grade: BoysóJosh Teicher, 39; Todd Stelling, 31; Eric Miller, 26. GirlsóJenny Berg, 27; Kayla Hemingson, 23.

Eighth grade: BoysóWes Lieser, 45; Ryan Whitcomb, 37; Jon Schefers, 30. GirlsóStacy Lieser, 52; Jenny Hess, 32; Sara Lieser, 25; Heidi Jansen, 21.

Ninth grade: BoysóBrian Stelling, 45. Girlsó Mellody Veldkamp, 28.

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