PHS volleyball wins first playoff round, falls in second

This article submitted by Laura Mages & Courtney Karsch on 11/3/98.

On Oct. 22 the sub-sections started for the Paynesville volleyball players. The Bulldogs took a victory home that night by winning the three matches within 70 minutes against Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa.

They went on to play New London-Spicer in the semi-finals of Dist. 20. After a a great first game win (see the excitement in picture above), the Bulldogs lost the next three to end their season.

In their first match, the Paynesville Bulldogs took on the Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars. The Bulldogs were waiting for this game since last year when they had to play against the BBE players and the Bulldogs didnít come out on top.

This year the Bulldogs were willing and able to win the game against the BBE. As the evening started, the Bulldogs were taking charge and won the first match 15-8.

In the second match of the night, the Bulldogs started out slow and the Jaguars took the lead. When the score was 9-4, BBEís favor, the Bulldogs knew they had to start taking charge by using their communication skills as well as getting excited over a great play. With that in mind, the Bulldogs soon tied the score with the Jaguars. But the Jaguars couldnít stop the roaring Bulldogs. The game soon ended with a 15-12 win for the Bulldogs.

With one more game to go, the Bulldogs won the third game 15-10 with the Bulldogs slamming the ball to the ground. The girls were talking and showing the fans they knew how to play volleyball and at the same time having the most fun ever.

Paynesville: 15 15 15
BBE: 8 12 10

New London-Spicer
On Oct. 31, Halloween Day, the Bulldogs traveled to Brooten to play the New London Wildcats in sub-section action.

With the Paynesville pep band supporting the Bulldogs, the Bulldogs started out the first game with a big win, 15-8.

The Bulldogs started the second game with a 8-0 lead but soon the chemistry wasnít there within the players anymore. The Wildcats were gaining points and the Bulldogs had to pick it up and try to stay with the Wildcats. The Bulldogs couldnít quite do it and they lost 16-14.

That was a tough loss for the Bulldogs but by the third game, the Bulldogs were ready and able to try to win another game. But the Wildcats took control and the Bulldogs never caught up. Nothing unusual for the Bulldogs, they have come back and won games when they were 10 points behind. The Bulldogs thought they could do it again but the Wildcats were too strong and the Bulldogs were trying hard to stay in the game.

The Bulldogs lost the third and fourth game, 15-4 and 15-6 respectively. This game was tough to lose as it marked the last game of the season for the Bulldogs.

With an 11-10 season, the Bulldogs were happy how the season ended. Everybody got along on the team and there was always a positive attitude on the court as well as at practices.

Paynesville: 15 14 4 6
New London: 8 16 15 15

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